A "Warming" Twist to Sushi - Tuna Sashimi with Wasabi Tobiko on Cucumber

by Travis Metzger |

This holiday appetizer is a fun venture into the world of Japanese raw fish cuisin...

Six Chinese Herbs to Warm You Up

by Marcie Bower |

6 herbs to keep you warm this winter!

A Fall Pumpkin Soup to Ease Bloating and Strengthen Digestion

by Travis Metzger |

This Thai-inspired pumpkin soup uses a seasonal favorite in a new way to support d...

Holiday Bloat? Three Chinese Medicine Tips to Beat It

by Amy Malone |

I sincerely hope you are enjoying your favorite dishes and goodies (and leftovers!...

Strengthen Your Digestive Fire with a Warming Fish Stew

by Travis Metzger |

Chinese Dietary Therapy is one of the most important aspects of Chinese medicine, ...

A Fall Soup for the Metal Element: Ancho Chile Accented Lentil Soup

by Travis Metzger |

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, there are Five Elements, and we'...

Grilled Carrot and Caramelized Onion Soup to Move Your Qi

by Travis Metzger |

As I've written extensively about, according to Chinese Medicine and Dietary theor...

Relieve Menstrual Cramping with this Simple, Ancient Recipe

by Travis Metzger |

As I've talked about throughout my recipes, the key principles of Chinese dietary ...

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