Harnessing the Power of Traditional Chinese Herbs for Mental Health

by DAO Labs |

Stress, anxiousness, sadness, or mental fatigue got you down? In our fast-paced so...

Let’s Talk About The White Peony Root (Bai Shao)

by DAO Labs |

A powerful herb that finds frequent mention in classic Chinese medicine texts for ...

Your Liver, Your Emotions and the Flow of Qi

by Hannah Fries |

The Liver is all about FLOW. Flow of Qi, flow of Blood, flow of EMOTIONS.  “In sho...

Neurological Acupuncture for Cognition and Brain Health

by DAO Labs |

Acupuncture offers an excellent treatment option for brain issues ...

A Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach to Understanding Emotions

by Dr. Lauren Dyer L.Ac. DAC |

“We carry our attachments and pain in our bodies. As we let them go, our bodies c...

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