What Is Sports Acupuncture?

by DAO Labs |

Western medicine focuses mainly on the injury or illness, whereas Chinese medicine...

Reishi for Athletic Performance

by Dr. Eric Karchmer, PhD, MD (China), LAc |

Reishi, also known as Lingzhi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a type of mushr...

5 Ways Acupuncture Improves Athletic Performance

by DAO Labs |

Athletes of all levels ponder the question: how do I improve my performance? Answe...

Why Do Elite Athletes Use Acupuncture?

by DAO Labs |

The Acupuncturist for the Minnesota Twins explains.

From Olympic-Bound to Burnout: How Acupuncture Helped Me Heal from Overtraining

by DAO Labs |

I have been a competitive athlete, and person since I can remember. I have never...

Sports Injuries & Recovery from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

by DAO Labs |

Sports and physical movement have always been a part of my life: From elite wresti...

Acupuncture for Runners

by DAO Labs |

We're a nation of runners, which like many things, means we're always on the go a...

Taking a Breath with Extreme Athlete Charlie Wittmack

by Caroline Joan Peixoto |

After 28 days riding a bicycle alone through the desert, Charlie Wittmack found hi...

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