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Below is a summary of each DAO product, including ways that you can position with your clients and patients. For more information, refer to the Product Page on the main DAO Labs website. 

Immunity Support

Immunity Support is based off the classic formula Yu Ping Feng San (“Jade Windscreen”). The formula is composed of three powerful herbs and combined with a natural pear-ginger flavor combination. This formula is still used widely across Asia during cold and pollen seasons, with research providing insight into how and why it works.

Recommendations and applications for your clients and patients:

  • During cold and pollen seasons.
  • While traveling: this of this as a more powerful “Airborne” supplement when flying.
  • When the kids (or fellow students) come down with something.

Additional Resources from DAO Labs:

  • A description of how this formula works, by Dr. Eric Karchmer.  
  • Research talking about how Yu Ping Feng San works on a cellular level.
  • An “Immunity Support” cocktail by Chef Travis Metzger

Digestive Harmony

Digestive Harmony has proved to be our most popular formula, both from the perspectives of effectiveness and taste.  The formula is composed of 8 amazing herbs, with an orange-chai flavor combination that is a crowd favorite. We recommend this formula for both short term digestive situations, along with for longer-term digestive health. 

Recommendations and applications for your clients and patients:

  • For those seeking a timeless herbal solution for digestive health.
  • For those who requiring something to make them feel settled after a meal.
  • It’s great for after over-indulging (i.e. eating too much).
  • Some people use it to prevent hangovers.  

Additional Resources from DAO Labs:

  • An overview on how this formula works, written by Dr. Eric Karchmer.
  • A tasty digestive juice recipe to accompany the formula, written by Chef Travis Metzger.
  • A research article on Chinese medicine and digestion.

Emotional Balance

Emotional Balance is a fan and Chinese medicine favorite - the powerful Xiao Yao San (“Free & Easy Wanderer”). This is the formula that in essence makes one “feel better”. We use it in the office for better thinking and mental clarity. It’s composed of 8 incredible herbs and we align with a refreshing apple-cucumber flavoring system. 

Recommendations and applications for your clients and patients:

  • During PMS. This formula is widely used across Asia for this purpose.  
  • When you need an afternoon pick-me-up.
    • Note that it’s not to be confused with a “Five Hour Energy” type product.
  • Daily for emotional control and to reduce stress.

Additional Resources from DAO Labs:

  • An article on how the formula works.
  • An overview of research that talks about Xiao Yao San and anxiety and depression.
  • Actual research behind the formula and anxiety.

Women’s Formula

Perhaps the most powerful of all the formulas, Women’s Formula is based-off the classic Si Wu Tang (“Four Substance Decoction”) which has been used for hundreds of years by women across Asia to provide cycle regularity and generally a better month. With four powerful herbs and an invigorating raspberry-black pepper combination, Women’s Formula is used for about 4-5 days after a woman’s cycle has ended (and bleeding stopped) to restore precious “Qi” that was lost during bleeding. 

This formula remains incredibly popular across Asia today for menstrual cycle management. Best results occur when taken for at least 2 cycles, so the immediate benefits may be minimal and your client may be apt to not stick with the regimen - you’ll need to work with your clients on both education and coaching to ensure best results.  

Recommendations and applications for your clients and patients:

  • Those seeking better regularity with their cycle.
  • Those looking for better energy during their cycle.

Additional Resources from DAO Labs:

    Women’s Monthly Kit

    The Women’s Monthly Kit is a combination of both Emotional Balance and Women’s Formula, combined to provide an incredibly powerful herbal solution for monthly cycle management. Each box contains 9 packets of Emotional Balance for the premenstrual phase of the cycle (used for PMS) and 9 packets of Women’s Formula for regularity after bleeding has ended.

    How it Works

    1. Emotional Balance is enjoyed for 4-5 days before one’s cycle begins (during the PMS phase of the month).  We recommend 1-2 packets per day.  
    2. No herbs are consumed during the cycle.  
    3. After bleeding has ended, Women’s Formula is taken for 4-5 days.  

    These two formulas are commonly paired across Chinese medicine and provide an option for superior cycle management that we typically do not see in the west.

    Mental Tranquility

    Mental Tranquility’s name is quite appropriate, as the formula calms and quiets a mind, particularly when its most important - the middle of the night.  Inspired by the famous Return to Spleen (Gui Pi Tang), Mental Tranquility is a formula that helps the “stressed sleeper” transition calmly and naturally to sleep, and helps keep them asleep throughout the night.  

    In addition to the tremendous sleep benefits, this formula is excellent for combatting stress during the waking hours as well, helping increase energy and mental focus.  

    How it Works:

    • Helps the anxious, high stress individual fall asleep naturally
    • Keeps you asleep through the night in instances where sleep is interrupted due to elevated mental activity. Mental Tranquility helps quiet the mind and transition back to sleep.
    • Reduces stress while increasing mental clarity and focus the next day.

    Physical Tranquility

    Physical Tranquility is for the physically restless and overheated sleeper who tosses and turns throughout the night, leaving them agitated and unsettled the following day.  This formula is inspired by the classic and popular Tian Wan Bu Xin Dang, and is particularly great for those who experience evening agitation, and have a feeling of being overheated. From a Chinese medicine perspective, the formula helps replenish “Blood and Yin” and strengthens the heart.  Like its Mental Tranquility counterpart, a lovely by-product is its ability to calm the mind as well, leaving one refreshed and rested the next day.

    How it Works:

    • For the restless sleeper who tosses and turns in the night
    • The overheated sleeper
    • Helps prevent evening agitation (this might include a sense of jerkiness when under the covers)
    • Supports women going through menopause


    Selling Information

    Here are five key things to know when promoting DAO Labs:

    1. We take sourcing and testing very seriously and value transparency in this regard. All DAO Labs products are packaged and tested in the U.S. This is a proud point of differentiation for our products. You can read more about our testing practices here, but in summary all raw materials are tested for safety and authenticity both at the individual herbal level and again when we further blend in the U.S. Further, we verify herbal authenticity at a third-party lab in the U.S. to confirm the purity of the herbs sourced in Asia. You can find more information about our testing practices here.
    2. The formulas are portioned into individual sachets (packets) that can be added to cold or hot water. Think of these as similar to products like Emergen-C, but obviously much better and more efficacious.
    3. Our objective is to make Chinese medicine taste “better”. A DAO Co-founder is an awarding winning chef and flavorist who aligns each formula with flavors that support the formulas’ Chinese medicines functions. For example, we paired Yu Ping Feng San, the herbal inspiration for Immunity Support, with a pear-ginger combination. The flavors of pear generates fluids and dissolves phlegm, while the ginger is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and known to boost immunity. 
    4. DAO makes Chinese medicine approachable, convenient and easy to understand. Unlike other brands, we purposely made each product more palatable, while not sacrificing the power of the herbs, making future purchases more desirable. We also strive to create a beautiful consumer experience, from our packaging and website, to our focus on customer service.  
    5. We donate 1% of all revenue to WildAid, a California based nonprofit that advocates against the poaching of animals for commercial reasons. This has been a significant issue within the Chinese medicine trade for years, but with WildAid’s awesome efforts, they are elevating the conversation and reducing the practice

    The DAO Consumer Experience

    We are Chinese medicine company that believes the medicine extends beyond just the herbs, from acupuncture to Tai Chi, moxibustion to food. As a Wellness Ambassador, this is your opportunity to make Chinese medicine more a part of your clients lives.

    Our packaging was designed with an eye toward the lifestyle opportunity.  We use vivid colors and a contemporary feel in our aesthetic. In addition, when a consumer receives their shipment in the mail, they are met with a printed box, colorful tape and samples inside their packet (with inserts about the products, to a DAO sticker).  

    Company Information

    As we say in our Mission Statement, DAO Labs delivers wellness “through the wisdom of Chinese medicine and the healing powers of our innovative products.”  To further support this, and as you introduce DAO to your clients, our values underscore both our products and relationship with our Wellness Ambassadors:

    • Expertise: we have a team of Doctors of Chinese who are actively involved with our products, content, and brand.  Dr. Eric Karchmer is a company co-founder and leads all Chinese medicine related activities.
    • Innovation & Authenticity: we take both of these words extremely seriously.  Our opportunity is through superior Chinese medicine products that will remove some of the negative stigma surrounding Chinese medicine, while remaining true to its healing powers.
    • Purity: all herbs are sustainably sourced, tested and then re-tested. We do not use animal products of any kind, and proudly support WildAid, a nonprofit that advocates against the poaching of exotics animals for commercial trade of any kind.  Your participation as a Wellness Ambassador supports this cause.
    • Shared Experience: let’s win together. We want to support your businesses any way that we can, through collaborative marketing opportunities, to shared posts on social media.  

    Chinese Medicine & DAO Labs

    We are a Chinese medicine company, designed for a western, on-the-go audience in ways that are easy to consume and understand. Unlike other Chinese medicine companies, which certainly have a valuable purpose and place in making patients’ and consumers’ lives better, we’re as much trying to make lives better as we are in trying to build a lifestyle around the practice. We believe in authenticity and purity, so our products are designed from classic formulas that you should recognize. Our goal is to make them more approachable, convenient and palatable, while not sacrificing the power of the herbs. How do we do this?
    • Strong visual appeal with names that your clients can understand:
      • Yu Ping Feng San/Jade Windscreen = Immunity Support
      • Xiao Yao San/Free & Easy Wanderer = Emotional Balance
      • Si Wu Tang/Four Substance Decoction = Women’s Formula
      • Bao He Wan/Preserve Harmony = Digestive Harmony
    • Convenient for your clients and patients:
      • The formulas are “effervescent”, meaning they dissolve easily in cold or hot water.
      • Simply add to water and go!
    • Flavor combinations that work: we’re all too familiar with the taste stigma of Chinese herbs. To this end, our resident Chef, Travis Metzger, worked closely with our suppliers to align flavors with the herbs from both a taste/functional standpoint, but also from a Chinese medicine perspective as well. We purposely did not want to mask the herbal flavors entirely, but rather augment them so consumers know that there is an unquestionable function in the drink:
      • Immunity Support = Pear-Ginger
      • Emotional Balance = Apple-Cucumber
      • Women’s Formula = Raspberry - Black pepper
      • Preserve Harmony = Orange-Chai

    All herbs are sourced in China and further processed in Asia before being shipped to the U.S. where our final blending, testing and packaging takes place (all DAO products proudly say “Packaged and Tested in the U.S.”). This is a proud point of differentiation for our products.

    A Final Note on How to Position the Products

    Like with our aggressive herbal testing procedures, we take an overly cautious approach to product labeling and product descriptions for various FDA and FTC purposes. That said, we invite you to rely on your training when describing these formulas to your clients and patients. 

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