Women's Monthly Kit

~ A Combination of Two Formulas | Emotional Balance and Women’s Formula
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Women's Monthly Kit

Women's Monthly Kit

~ A Combination of Two Formulas | Emotional Balance and Women’s Formula
Two Formulas for Two Different Times of Her Month Herbs Formula
  • Emotional Balance is inspired by Free & Easy Wanderer | Xiao Yao San
  • Women's Formula is inspired by Four Substance Decoction | Si Wu Tang

Whether for fertility planning or to provide a more natural, peaceful and predictable monthly cycle, the Women’s Monthly Kit by DAO Labs pairs two different Chinese herbal formulas, for two different phases of your cycle.

  • Emotional Balance is used during the PMS phase of her month to reduce stress, mood swings, irritability, fatigue and all the funk that can proceed a cycle.
  • After bleeding ends, Women’s Formula is used for 4-5 days for better energy, natural replenishment and regularity as you progress into your next cycle.

Welcome to a significantly improved month.


  • Women seeking a natural, comprehensive solution for a more peaceful, regular cycle and month
  • Those seeking appropriate hormonal strength for fertility support
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DAO Labs

The Women’s Monthly Kit by DAO Labs is a combination of two Classic Chinese Herbal formulas for two different phases of your monthly cycle. This classic pairing of Chinese herbal formulas is used widely by Acupuncturists and Doctors of Chinese herbal medicine for cycle support and hormonal balance, leading to increased energy, more cycle regularity and reduced stress and emotional mood swings. It’s also used by women seeking fertility support.

Each kit combines one jar of Free & Easy Wanderer herbal tablets, and one jar of Four Substance herbal tablets. Free & Easy is used during the PMS phase of her cycle, helping to harmonize her hormones, reduce stress and mood swings which can accompany this phase of the month.

Four Substance is used after bleeding has ended to help replenish energy, support the body’s natural replenishment of blood, and support ongoing cycle regularity. This beautiful formula is widely considered one of the most popular formulas in all of Chinese herbal medicine given its natural ability to provide her with peaceful strength into her next cycle.

This formula is excellent when

When Women's Monthly Kit Works Best

Each Women’s Monthly Kit includes one jar of Free & Easy herbal tablets and one jar of Four Substance tablets.

Here is the recommended way to use these formulas together to achieve a more harmonious cycle:

  • We suggest taking Free & Easy tablets three times a day for 5-7 days ahead of her cycle (typically during the PMS phase of her month).
  • The formulas in Women’s Kit are paused during her cycle.
  • After bleeding has completed, Women’s Formula is taken three times daily for 5-7 days.

Dr. Karchmer on Women’s Monthly Kit

Dr. Karchmer on Women’s Monthly Kit

Dr. Karchmer on Women’s Monthly Kit

“The pairing of Emotional Balance and Women’s Formula, the two formulas that comprise our Women’s Monthly Kit, have been classically combined for years to provide a superior month for women and their cycles. From supporting menstrual regularity to balancing hormones earlier in the cycle, the two formulas work in tandem to provide different support at different times of the month.”

Read More About The Women's Monthly Kit From DR. KARCHMER >

One woman shares her journey to reducing hormonal acne and mood swings with the DAO Women's Kit.

This Nutritional Therapy Practitioner believes in the power of food as medicine, but she didn't realize just how much happier her period could be by incorporating the DAO Women's Kit into her cycle. Listen to her story and how she's achieved a better month with the DAO Women's Kit.
Transcript of the audio:

Hey Everyone, my name is Lauren Poulose, and I’m the Media Production Manager here at DAO Labs. I wanted to take the time to share with you all a testimonial from someone who’s completely changed the habits of her menstrual cycle, simply by using our Women’s Monthly Kit. Before we dive into that, I want to first quickly talk about how exactly this kit works, for those of you who are just hearing about us, or if you’re a first-timer - welcome! I’ll do my best to break down how Chinese medicine practitioners view the menstrual cycle, and how our formulas support those views.

So obviously herbs take a more gentle approach than traditional birth control pills or contraceptives. The idea is to gently and effectively fine tune your menstrual cycle, so it corrects its own course over time. In Chinese medicine, blood is the thing that ties us together. It lubricates our muscles, tissues, and brain. We’re at our healthiest and physically feeling our best when our blood is circulating as it should be. Women especially are affected by blood loss, or a blood deficiency, or when our blood becomes stagnant because we process so much of it, through menstrual cycles, pregnancy, childbirth, and even breastfeeding. But - here’s something you might not have known, there’s a little hidden mini-cycle within our menstrual cycle, which we could call an intentional stagnation. Our body builds up blood, it’s getting it ready to release, this happens about a week before our cycle begins. So when our blood stops, or is stagnant like this every month, our bodies begin to accumulate heat, which in turn causes us to physically tighten up, which in turn starts to cause pain, which finally, may cause us to feel more irritable. Those are classic premenstrual symptoms.

So another thing that happens to us, is that we may experience irregular periods. They might be lighter some months, and then super heavy the next month, and we may even experience clotting. These are usually caused from a combination of blood deficiency and stagnation. However, after we’re finally done bleeding, have you ever noticed just feeling completely drained after your period? This is caused solely from a blood deficiency. Our body is trying to pull resources to replenish our blood. While we wait for our bodies to do this naturally, we may feel a little more exhausted than usual.

So here’s what our Women’s Kit does. It’s comprised of two formulas: Emotional Balance, and Women’s Formula. The herbs used in Emotional Balance, best work for combating PMS. They relieve some of that stagnation, so we don’t feel as much pain going into our cycle for that month, therefore making us a little more pleasant to be around. PMS affects everyone differently, I know I can be a bit nightmarish around that time of the month, so feel free to play around with how you use these formulas based on your individual needs. However, I should stress that in order to know what your individual needs are, you first need to establish a jumping off point, so typically, especially starting off, we suggest following the regimen as directed on the label. That’s taking two packets of Emotional Balance every day for about 4 to 5 days leading up to your cycle. Once you’re done bleeding, we suggest using our Women’s Formula, again two packets a day every day for 4 to 5 days. The herbs in the Women’s Formula play a significant role in replenishing blood after your cycle, that’s why we want you taking it after your done bleeding. It’s made up of four herbs, two of which are more quiet, with supplementing properties, the other two are more active to keep your blood moving along.
But I’m sure you’ve heard enough from me. I have Sara here, she’s a nutritionist at her private practice, Esculent Health. She gave the Women’s Kit a try and loved it so much that she agreed to share a little about her personal experience with it. Sara, thank you for being here today!

1) Can you tell me a little bit about Esculent Health and your approach to nutrition?

Esculent Health is my private practice in where I help women and families weed through the confusing and mixed opinions on what eating healthy is. I work with each client and build with them individual protocols on what will work for them and what their health concern is. My approach to nutrition is very individualized. There is not one diet that fits everyone. Each person is unique in what their nutritional needs are.

2) Do you have any experience with Chinese Medicine?

I have a little experience. I saw a NAET Acupuncturist for several years to whom I attribute gaining so much of my health back. My NTP also worked with a Chinese Herbalist to make me a supplement to help with some symptoms I was experiencing several years ago upon finding out I had a pretty bad candida/parasitic infection.

3) Can you tell me a bit about your cycle health? What challenges have you faced in relation to your period?

I've always had pretty reliable cycles. PMS has varied as I've aged but nothing too dramatic. My challenges have been more digestive and acne related to specific times around my cycle. I also have faced pretty strong mood swings around my period which is why I was so intrigued with your women's daily kit.

4) Can you tell us what made you decide to try the DAO Women's Kit and how it's impacted your cycle?

I decided to try DAO Women's Kit to see if it would help me feel more balanced throughout the month and help with cystic acne breakouts due to my period. I have noticed a positive improvement in both. It did take several months to notice as it was gradual.

5) Have you noticed any other side effects or results other than those directly related to your cycle since using these formulas?

I have noticed that my period has gotten significantly lighter since starting this kit - although I don't think the herbs are the cause. I'm hitting my mid 30s so my cycle is naturally changing. I have also noticed that my digestive issues that would arise about 5-7 days before my period started has lessened a little.

Thank you so much for sharing your testimonial with us. We’re glad it’s working so wonderfully for you! If you’re at home listening, and you think your menstrual cycle could use some serious improvements, or even just a few little tweaks, then we invite you to give our Women’s Kit a try. Right now we’re offering a 2 month trial period, because again, these are gentle herbs, you probably won’t see huge results after just one use, although some of you may. Typically, it takes a couple months for your cycle to align with the herbs. So, we’re offering a 2 month trial period. You can get our women’s kit at 10% off for two months if you use the code: WK20, that’s W-K-Two-Zero. And again, as we mentioned, the changes are gradual and this kit really needs to be used for two consecutive months to see results. With our code, you’ll be receiving an additional 10% off the kit which is already discounted 10% for buying 2 boxes. That’s a 20% discount using the code WK20 - that’s W-K-Two-Zero.
Please reach out if you have any questions. We’d be happy to answer. Thanks for listening.

MyDaoLabs I really like this product.

“My cycle was off before I started using this and my acupuncturist recommended it to me. I have more energy and feel more relaxed and am thinking clearly. I really love the taste too.”

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