Women's Formula

Women's Formula

Women's Formula Women's Formula

Women's Formula

“Formula” means that this remedy is designed specifically for the female cycle. Four Substance Decoction, a classic Traditional Chinese Medicine formula, provides the most intensely supportive solution to maintain strength and regularity. The female body is incredibly complex; during the monthly cycle, the woman’s body tends to be prone to blood deficiency and depleted energy. DAO is here. Transform your month with a classic formula made of only four herbs that nourish, invigorate, restore and regulate. Raspberry and black pepper parter as harmonizing agents. A must-have for every woman, this is exactly what the menses need.

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Other Ingredients: Honey, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, natural flavors (raspberry, apple and pepper).


You eat organic foods and use natural beauty products, so why should your period be any different? Go the herbal route with natural ingredients that are as powerful as traditional menstrual medicines, but as pure as the earth they came from.

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Women's Formula

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