How to "Cycle Sync" with the Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine

How to "Cycle Sync" with the Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine

If you live in a menstruating body, chances are you've learned to normalize a whole host of uncomfortable or debilitating symptoms that arise with fluctuations in your monthly cycle. We are taught to believe that cramps, mood swings, breast tenderness, cravings, bloating, acne (the list goes on and on) are unavoidable -- but it doesn't have to be that way.

Menstruating bodies operate according to something called an infradian rhythm - an internal clock that regulates our 28-day menstrual cycle and has a profound impact on our neurology, metabolism, immune system, gut, and reproductive health. In order to optimize our wellbeing, we need to learn to live in sync with our physiological cycles, in the same way we adapt our lives in accordance to the seasons of the Earth.

In this hour-long class, Acupuncturist Hannah Fries, LAC, will explain:

  • The four unique phases of the menstrual cycle according to Chinese medicine
  • How to optimize your month through tapping into the inner workings of your body for a better month ahead
  • Acupressure points, foods and herbs to incorporate, and how to exercise and work during each unique phase 

After purchasing the class, you'll receive a $15 credit that you can use for either a Virtual Consultation to dig deeper into your unique needs, or to the herbal formulas that will help you apply what you just learned during this informational class.

You'll also receive a complimentary recipe guide that incorporates the ingredients and principles explained during the class.

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