Educational & Training Materials

From formula training to marketing tips, podcasts to education videos, you'll find a host of information below that we invite you to review at your leisure. Check back often as we'll be updating regularly.

  • A Clinical Overview of Joint Vitality

    Dr. Eric Karchmer explains our newest formula, Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang, in more depth, and how practitioners can incorporate this formula in their own practices.

    Dr. Eric Karchmer discusses Digestive Harmony and Bao He Wan in this interactive webinar.

    Dr. Eric Karchmer talks about the combination of Xiao Yao San and Si Wu Tang, the two components of DAO's Women's Kit

    Chinese herbs and pollen season? Yu Ping Feng San offers ancient support. Dr. Eric Karchmer explains how and why.

    From your dashboard to entering leads into the system, we explain how to use the DAO Labs Practitioner Dashboard in this brief tutorial.

    Dr. Eric Karchmer provides an overview on how Chinese medicine approachs a woman's monthly cycle.

    Why Immunity Support, Digestive Harmony and Emotional Balance are "must-haves" for road warriors. An upgrade to Emergen-C you might say?

    As part of The Middle Burner by DAO Labs, our Chief Culinary Officer Travis Metzger explains why it's better to "grill your salad" before eating.
  • TCM Solutions For Infertility

    Dr. Eric Karchmer leads a discussion on the powerful impact Traditional Chinese Medicine can have on those struggling with infertility.
  • Fill Your Appointment Calendar With Instagram

    In this class, we teach you how to use Instagram to fill up your appointment calendar with Instagram's best practices, by growing your audience and being an active user.
  • Chinese Medicine for Sleeplessness

    Dr. Eric Karchmer shares insights to help acupuncture practitioners diagnose different forms of sleeplessness.
  • Novel Virus, Ancient Therapies: Can Chinese Medicine Help Contain COVID-19?

    Learn about Dr. Karchmer’s research on the history of Chinese herbal medicine to treat acute, infectious diseases. Get his tips for preventing COVID-19 infections and some guidelines for treatment.
  • Back to Herbal Basics

    Watch this webinar by Dr. Karchmer for a basic introduction to our unique formulas. Learn why this is the ideal time to enhance your practice through our herbal formulas.
  • COVID-19 and Case Studies

    In this webinar, Dr. Eric Karchmer covers how to manage patient care with herbs during COVID-19.
  • Tongue diagnosis and sleep

    Dr. Karchmer discusses common and uncommon tongue presentations, and their relationship to herbal approaches to sleep.
  • Social Media Tips for Acupuncturists

    Three acupuncturists share their strategy for creating a social media community.
  • Chronic Pain

    Dr. Karchmer addresses two types of chronic pain, how to diagnose them, and herbal treatments.
  • Contraindications and Dosages

    Dr. Eric Karchmer speaks about dosage and contraindications for DAO's formulas.
  • How Practitioners can use their LINK and CODE

    Learn how to prescribe from a distance.
  • Using Your Link and Code: practitioner discussion panel

    A panel of DAO Practitioners shares their success with recommending DAO Labs formulas virtually.
  • Supporting Patients in Transition of Second Spring/Menopause

    Dr. Eric Karchmer discusses how to support patients during menopause with DAO Labs herbal supplements.
  • Marketing Tools and Tactics for the Acupuncture Community

    John McGarvey, CEO and founder, discusses Marketing Tools & Tactics for the Acupuncture Community: Herbs, Emails & Patient Engagement in Uncertain Times
  • Cold Season Solutions from DAO Labs

    Dr. Eric Karchmer introduces us to herbal formulas he's used for years in his clinic as well as with his own family.
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