The DAO Labs Practitioner Program

DAO Labs established the Practitioner Program as a way for qualified practitioners and wellness professionals to offer their patients and clients DAO formulas in a way that works for you. We offer more flexibility in how you manage and recommend formulas, it’s our twist on a traditional wholesale model. From our low inventory model where we drop ship to your patients door, to DAO’s attractive packaging, drawing patients to your fully stocked supplement area, we are here to accommodate your inventory needs. Moreover, our technology will allow patients to place orders, for the formulas that you recommend, directly from us using your unique credentials.


The Practitioner Program offers flexibility to both you and your patient: you can hold inventory and sell directly to them, our encourage them to buy online at their convenience. You’ll benefit either way and continue to get paid on their subsequent purchases, even if they are no longer an active patient or client. We provide you with access to a practitioner portal, marketing material and on-going education.

Moreover, the training goes beyond just our formulas. As part of the Practitioner Program, you’ll be invited to bi-monthly webinars on topics ranging from herbs to acupuncture, marketing strategy to other best practices for any clinician. We have a library of video, audio and printed materials that you’ll have access to as well.

Join the Practitioner Program

If you think that you’re a fit for the Practitioner Program but you’d like to try the product first, click the REQUEST SAMPLES button below and we’ll get samples sent your way.
After tasting the product, or if you’re ready to offer DAO now, apply below to become a Practitioner Program. A team member will follow-up to get you started.

Upon acceptance into the Practitioner Program, you’ll select the inventory that is appropriate for your clinic.

We provide you the education, marketing tools and live support to ensure that introducing DAO into your clinic is a success for both you and your patients. You can begin selling to your patients, clients, friends and family members immediately.

What Our Practitioner Have To Say

Really Enjoying Using These In My Practice
"These are a great option for patients resistant to taking pills or granules. It is a good way to introduce them to the idea of herbal medicine. I use them myself too. I like that there isn’t any added sugar, just a bit of honey"
-- Emily Bartha, Turning Pointe Acupuncture, Portland, OR

A Great Way To Get Folks To Take Chinese Herbs
"These sachets are proving to be very popular with our clients as they are easy to take and have a neutral taste. Great that there is no sugar too!"
-- Wilma Goodyear, Tiny Needles Acupuncture, San Francisco, CA

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