Frequently Asked Questions about the Practitioner Program & Our Formulas

Who is the Practitioner Program for?

The Practitioner Program is for practitioners and wellness clinics looking to increase patient compliance, while finding a more flexible way to recommend herbs.

How much does it cost?

The Opening Inventory minimum is $110. You are able to curate a collection of formulas that are right for your business. We don’t require any contracts or yearly minimums to purchase. For those with smaller practices who want to place orders online for patients (or let them do it themselves), use your opening inventory as samples or patient awareness. For the practitioner who prefers patients buy in their clinic and have retail space, our attractive packaging will look great on your shelves.

How do I use my CODE and LINK?

When you purchase your Opening Inventory, we provide you with a unique “CODE” and “LINK” that you can use with your patients or on your website. This is optional and we provide you with the training on how to use these, but in essence they are a way for your patients to place orders for the DAO formulas that you recommend, online - adding a level of convenience for both parties.

Do I need to use my CODE and LINK?

You don’t. But it is an easy way for patients to place an order or get a refill if they can’t get in to see you. The CODE is a short name or phrase that can be shared easily in person on through your digital and social media platforms. Your LINK is great to have on your website herb/product page (you can easily set up an “herb store” with this link) or attach to your latest email marketing campaign.

Any time one of your patients or clients purchase a DAO formula using your CODE or LINK, you are emailed so you are kept in the loop on their wellness decision, and you earn credit on the purchase. Our software will track all sales related activity and the associated credits, but only if you use the LINK/CODE assigned to you. After all it was you who introduced them to the product.

Do you provide product education?

Yes. These are classic formulas that we’ve “modernized”. With the purchase of your Opening Inventory we provide product and formula information, website orientation, marketing assets, videos, webinars and additional training. Moreover, as a member of the Practitioner Program, you’re invited to propriety webinars with other practitioners where we discuss a variety of issues relevant to the community - from continuing education on formulas, to business training that might be appropriate to your practice.

How long will my (or my patients’) order take to be delivered?

U.S. orders will arrive in approximately 2-7 days depending on where you live (domestic orders that are received before noon CST will typically ship that day). We ship USPS, and it takes about 2-5 business days in the US, 4-8 business days in Canada. All other international orders will vary depending on location.

We work with all in locations outside the U.S. and Canada on the most efficient shipping options on an individual basis.

What happens if a patient of mine relocates to another part of the country or is no longer an active patient or client of record?

Once they register as your client, you will continue to earn commissions from your clients’ online purchases, no matter where they live.

Where are your formulas made?

Our formulas are blended and packaged in the United States with herbs sourced from across Asia. We engaged third-party labs for additional testing and verification.

From where do you source your herbs?

Our herbs are sourced from across Asia, but are tested and verified for safety and authenticity at independent labs in the U.S. Moreover, our formulas are blended and packaged in the U.S.

What type of testing do you do on your formulas?

Testing and formula purity are at the forefront of what we do. Testing starts on an individual herb basis in Asia, up to and including a final food safety “scrub” one the formulas are blended and packaged in the United States. Moreover, upon receipt, we test all herbs for authenticity at a third party lab in the U.S. and do not begin the further blending of our finished formulas until we receive verification.

How many much active Chinese herbal medicine is in each serving?

Each serving has approximately 2.5 - 3.0 grams of Chinese herbal medicine in each sachet or serving. We use extremely high quality herbs, and based upon our development work and feedback, we recommend 1-2 doses per day (though individual results will vary).

Are all your formulas pre-dosed?

Yes. All of our formulas are “pre-dosed”, either based on the sachet or the scoop size, with approximately 2.5 - 3.0 grams of Chinese herbs per dose.

What is the concentration?

Our herb concentration is approximately 5:1.

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