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PostPartum Bundle

PostPartum Bundle

$101.40 USD
$202.80 USD $192.66 USD You Save: $10.14 USD (Save 5% + Free U.S. Shipping)
$101.40 USD $91.25 USD You Save: $10.15 USD (Save 10% + Free U.S. Shipping)

(Approx. $3.38 per Day One Canister of Mental Tranquility + Two Cartons of Women’s Formula)

Care for yourself better during postpartum recovery with this powerful combination of herbal formulas. One dose of our Women's Formula in the morning will re-energize and revitalize. One dose of Mental Tranquility about an hour before bed will calm nerves and promote a deep sleep that every new mother needs. Let this bundle ease the transition to motherhood.
Cold Season Bundle

Cold Season Bundle

$68.00 USD
$129.20 USD

(One jar each of Bounce Back & Breathe Clear)

If you find yourself dreading your period every month take back control with our Women’s Monthly Kit, a mix of two formulas that work symbiotically for a more blissful month. Emotional Balance is the enemy of PMS, while our classic Women’s Formula delivers a boost of herbal balance for strength and regularity throughout your next cycle.

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