Menopause Bundle

~ A 30 Day Combination of Two Formulas Designed to Ease the Transition
to Your "Second Spring" | Emotional Balance & Physical Tranquility
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Menopause Bundle

Menopause Bundle

~ A 30 Day Combination of Two Formulas Designed to Ease the Transition
to Your "Second Spring" | Emotional Balance & Physical Tranquility
Reduce Mood Swings & Cool the Body Herbs Formula
  • Emotional Balance is inspired by Free & Easy Wanderer | Xiao Yao San
  • Physical Tranquility is inspired by Emperor of Heaven’s Elixir | Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan

In Chinese Medicine, menopause is known as the Second Spring, and is a time to be celebrated. It’s a time of re-awakening, when a woman is no longer tied to the roles and responsibilities associated with fertility and child-rearing. She has acquired a deep wisdom and now has the time to use this knowledge to pursue her own hopes and dreams and fully blossom during the second half of her life. However, this transition isn’t without challenges, and here is where the Menopause Bundle can help. The Menopause Bundle is comprised of:

  • 1 month’s supply of Physical Tranquility to keep the body cool. Take one dose an hour before sleep to promote calm, cool sleep and reduce anxiousness and irritability.
  • 1 month's supply of Emotional Balance to keep your emotions and mood even and calm. Take one dose in the morning and stay calm and balanced throughout the day.

The transition to the Second Spring can be challenging, but actively working to keep the body in balance can manage the feelings associated with menopause and allow you to enjoy and prosper during this new phase of life.


  • All women experiencing any signs of perimenopause
  • Women who experience mood swings, moments of hotness, sleeplessness, anxiousness
  • Women who want to gently balance their hormones during the important transition to menopause, but are looking for alternative options to traditional western solutions
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DAO Labs

The Menopause Bundle by DAO Labs is a combination of two distinct formulas that can be used daily by women transitioning through perimenopause (the time leading up to menopause). This classic pairing of Chinese herbal formulas is used widely by acupuncturists and doctors of Chinese herbal medicine during perimenopause for improved mood, less anxiousness, better sleep, and increased mental focus.

Each bundle combines 30 sachets of our Emotional Balance and 1 canister of Physical Tranquility. The Emotional Balance formula can boost energy and improve mood naturally, reducing mood swings and irritability. Take one dose in the morning for a happier, more productive day.

Physical Tranquility helps improve sleep quality and quantity, helping you stay cool during the night and reducing irritability, but can also help you stay cool during the day without causing sleepiness. Take one dose approximately one hour before bed for a more restful night and a better day ahead.

Simply add water to the powdered herbs, stir to mix, and enjoy!

This formula is excellent when

When Menopause Bundle Works Best

Each Menopause Bundle combines 30 sachets of Emotional Balance (2 cartons) and 30 servings of Physical Tranquility (one canister).

Here is the recommended way to use these formulas:

  • We suggest taking Emotional Balance in the morning, instead of coffee or just after. This will help calm, relax and add focus to your day.
  • Each evening, about one hour before bed, take one dose of Physical Tranquility. This will help one keep cool in the night and enjoy more relaxed sleep.

How to take Menopause Bundle

  • 1. Pour
  • 2. Stir
  • 3. Enjoy

Simply add water to the powdered herbs, stir, and enjoy, letting the power and heritage of Chinese herbal medicine ease the transition to the Second Spring.

Dr. Karchmer on Menopause Bundle

Dr. Karchmer on Menopause Bundle

Dr. Karchmer on Menopause Bundle

“It is important for women to recognize that it is often quite possible to manage the process of menopause. This bundle addresses both the “root” and the “branch” organs that, according to Chinese Medicine, holistically play a part in the transition to menopause."

Read More About The Menopause Bundle From DR. KARCHMER >

“I have been using this product for almost a month. I am very happy! I fall asleep faster and am able to return to sleep if I do wake during the night. I have had trouble sleeping for years. After menopause it was worse. I plan to continue using this for a couple more months to evaluate further, but so far the best sleep remedy I’ve tried! Thank you!”

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