PostPartum Bundle

~ A 30-Day Combination of Two Formulas for PostPartum Recovery and
Health | Women’s Formula + Mental Tranquility
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PostPartum Bundle

PostPartum Bundle

~ A 30-Day Combination of Two Formulas for PostPartum Recovery and
Health | Women’s Formula + Mental Tranquility
Two Formulas to Help Ease the Transition to Motherhood Herbs Formula
  • Women’s Formula is inspired by Four Substance Decoction | Si Wu Tang
  • Mental Tranquility is inspired by Return to Spleen | Gui Pi Tang

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding – these are some of the incredible things that a woman’s body can do. They are also profoundly depleting, as any mother will readily attest. We tend to not fully appreciate how taxing the transition to motherhood can be. Many mothers struggle with sleeplessness, baby blues, and other physical ailments for months and years after having children. Ideally, women should combine the DAO PostPartum bundle with ample rest and recovery time.

  • A monthly supply of Mental Tranquility reduces fatigue, improves mood, and aids sleep. Take one dose about one hour before bed.
  • A monthly supply of Women’s Formula that supports the rebuilding of blood, and strengthens the body so it can stabilize after birth. Take one dose in the morning.

Remember, we need to care for ourselves before we can care for others. Let the DAO PostPartum Bundle help ease the transition to motherhood.

Although these formulas have been used for hundreds of years in China by breastfeeding women, they have not been evaluated for safety by the FDA. We recommend nursing women talk to their practitioners when taking any supplements.


  • New moms
  • Women who are having a challenging time regaining strength after childbirth
  • Women who experience anxiousness, low spirits, sleeplessness, and lack of energy
  • Women who want to maintain and boost their milk supply
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DAO Labs

The PostPartum Bundle by DAO Labs is a combination of two distinct formulas that can be used daily by women recovering from childbirth and transitioning into motherhood (no matter how many children a mother has, it’s always a transition!). This classic pairing of Chinese herbal formulas is used widely by acupuncturists and doctors of Chinese herbal medicine during the postpartum period for improved recovery, less anxiousness, better mood, more sleep, and increased energy.

Each bundle combines 30 sachets of our Women’s Formula and 1 canister of Mental Tranquility. The Women’s Formula can harmonize hormones, boost energy, and improve mood naturally. Take one dose in the morning to boost energy

Mental Tranquility helps improve sleep quality (and perhaps even quantity, but there will be another complicating factor!), reduces anxiousness, and improves mental recall. Take one dose one hour before bed for a more restful night and a better day ahead.

Simply add water to the powdered herbs, stir to mix, and enjoy!

This formula is excellent when

When PostPartum Bundle Works Best

Each PostPartum Bundle combines 30 sachets of Women’s Formula (2 cartons) and 30 servings of Mental Tranquility (one canister).

Here is the recommended way to use these formulas:

  • We suggest taking Women’s Formula in the morning, instead of coffee or just after.
  • Each evening about one hour before bed, take one dose of Mental Tranquility.

How to take PostPartum Bundle

  • 1. Pour
  • 2. Stir
  • 3. Enjoy

Simply add water to the powdered herbs, stir, and enjoy, letting the power and heritage of Chinese herbal medicine ease the transition to motherhood.

Dr. Karchmer on PostPartum Bundle

Dr. Karchmer on PostPartum Bundle

Dr. Karchmer on PostPartum Bundle

“It is important for all women to take postpartum recovery seriously. Proper rest and diet are essential. But there are times when these basic measures don’t seem sufficient. That’s when I suggest that women consider some herbal medicine solutions to help facilitate this process.”

Read More About The PostPartum Bundle From DR. KARCHMER >

“Becoming a mother is intense, and this bundle has really helped.”

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