Joint Vitality

~ Inspired by Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang
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Joint Vitality

Joint Vitality

~ Inspired by Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang
Fourteen Herbs in this Formula Herbs Formula
  • Tuhuo Angelica (Root) /Du Huo
  • Taxillus (Plant)/Sang Ji Sheng
  • Eucommia (Bark)/ Du Zhong
  • Cyathula (Root)/Niu Xi
  • Gentiana Macrophylia (root)/Qin Jiao
  • Poria (Fungus) /Fu Ling
  • Cinnamon (Bark) / Rou Gui
  • Siler (Root)/ Fang Feng
  • Sichuan Lovage (Root)/ Chuan Xiong
  • Ginseng (Root)/ Ren Shen
  • Licorice (Root) /Gan Cao
  • Dong Quai (Root)/ Dang Gui
  • White Peony (Root)/Bai Shao
  • Rehmannia (Root)/ Sheng Di Huang

Joint Vitality is inspired by a classic herbal combination that’s been used by acupuncturists and doctors of Chinese herbal medicine for hundreds of years to support the lower back and strengthen joints for added mobility. We’ve offered a modern twist, pairing these herbs with collagen and coconut oil for added strength, flavor and vitality.

Mix with your coffee, add to almond milk, or upgrade your water with this powerful blend that will strengthen your joints and lower back.

Joint Vitality is great for:

  • Strengthening Your Lower Back
  • Joint Support, Strength & Maintenance
  • Increasing Mobility, Naturally
  • Active Athletes Seeking Joint Maintenance
  • Those Seeking Strength to Support Aging Joints
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Manufactured & Tested in the U.S.
Manufactured & Tested in the U.S.
  • Description
  • DAO Labs

    Joint Vitality by DAO Labs combines fourteen classic Chinese herbs, along with collagen and coconut oil, to create this powerful blend which increases lower back support, improves joint strength and supports overall mobility - all in a powdered form. The warming flavor combination of spiced cocoa and cinnamon, with a hint of vanilla, blends beautifully with the herbs for easy long term use for joint maintenance and support.

    With a history of supporting active athletes to those seeking joint support from an active life, the herbs in Joint Vitality provide both lower back and joint support in a natural way, delivering strength through the power of Chinese herbal medicine. With the added benefits of collagen and coconut oil to further complement the herbal combination’s rich history, Joint Vitality is an “east meets west” herbal solution for leading a more physically active (and flexible) life.

    Joint Vitality is packed in a bulk canister with a scoop to conveniently add to your coffee, almond milk or other liquid beverage of your choice.

  • When + How
  • This formula is excellent when

    When Joint Vitality Works Best

    Joint Vitality should be used by those looking for on-going joint strength or for those seeking to increase lower back and joint support, along with increased overall mobility.

    The formula is especially suited for:

    • Those who have enjoyed an active life and looking to maintain an active life but whose joints have matured.
    • Older athletes who need added support in the lower back and joints for on-going mobility.
    • Moms who are constantly bending, picking-up, twisting and turning.
    • Performance athletes seeking on-going joint health and maintenance.
    • Those seeking increased lower back strength and joint support in a natural, powerful way.

    How to take Joint Vitality

    • 1. Pour
    • 2. Stir
    • 3. Enjoy

    For those in need of advanced joint support, we recommend two servings daily for approximately two weeks to experience the maximum benefits. Looking for on-going joint health maintenance? Consider one daily serving to increase joint strength and to increase mobility.

    We’ve designed Joint Vitality to complement your on-going lifestyle needs, combining the strength of Chinese herbs with flavors and ingredients that make it easy to incorporate this powerful practice into your on-going, active daily routines. Simply add Joint Vitality to your morning rituals, either by adding to your coffee (it mixes beautifully) or by adding it to almond milk or water. Simply stir the powders which will naturally dissolve for your enjoyment - and benefit!

  • Formula + Herbs
  • Formula

    The Formula

    Joint Vitality is inspired by the fourteen herbal combination of Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang, a classic Chinese herbal medicine formula that’s been used for hundreds of years to help increase lower back strength and enhance joint support. Like all of our formulas, Joint Vitality is born in nature, not in a lab, and has stood the test of time given its popularity still to this day.

    The Herbs

    Purity, authenticity and sustainability are pillars of DAO Labs, which translates into the way we source our herbs. We use only sustainably-sourced herbs from Good Agriculture Practice farms, and go to extreme lengths to test and verify along our supply chain. All herbs are third-party tested in the U.S. for both safety and authenticity, setting a new standard in Chinese herbal medicine.

    Learn more about the fourteen herbs in Joint Vitality below.

  • Supplements Facts
  • Joint Vitality Supplement Facts
    • Pour
    • Stir
    • Enjoy
    Joint Vitality Supplement Facts

Dr. Karchmer on Du Huo Ji Shen Tang and Joint Vitality

Dr. Karchmer on Du Huo Ji Shen Tang and Joint Vitality

Dr. Karchmer on Du Huo Ji Shen Tang and Joint Vitality

"I use this herbal formula in my practice constantly - from my retirees who are seeking better joint health, to my younger patients who are looking for added joint strength, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of this herbal blend time and time again. As a former college athlete and father of three, I personally use this formula regularly for added support and maintenance, and feel the way that we’ve ‘upgraded’ this classic with the addition of collagen and coconut oil simply adds to its overall performance."

Read More About Joint Vitality From DR. KARCHMER >
MyDaoLabs Powerful.

"I use this formula daily for much needed increased strength in my joints and hands. I’m in my garden regularly, and am an avid cooker, keeping my on my feet constantly. I add a scoop of Joint Vitality to my coffee daily and I absolutely love it (and I’m not one to like herbs!)."

Verified Joint Vitality Enthusiast

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