New from DAO Labs - Joint Support that Works

By John G. McGarvey /

New from DAO Labs - Joint Support that Works

It’s an exciting time at DAO Labs – we just launched Joint Vitality, our newest Chinese herbal medicine inspired formula that is yet again providing an alternative, natural solution to managing one’s health through the power of this ancient practice.  And for my purposes, it’s not a moment too soon, as my knees and lower back were begging for this formula and in the months since we’ve started the development work, have never felt stronger.  I’m serious.

And as an added bonus, we’ve added collagen, coconut oil and made it blend perfectly with your morning coffee.

What is Joint Vitality?  It’s Joint & Lower Back Support Like You’ve Never Imagined

Joint Vitality is a Chinese herbal medicine combination of 15 herbs that have been used by acupuncturists and doctors of Chinese medicine since the 7th century (think about that!) to help, according to classic Chinese texts, “to increase one’s Qi and Blood or help remove any obstructions of these important components of one’s overall health”.  For our perspective and motivation, the herbs support lower back and joint health for improved mobility and overall functionality providing a very natural, non-habit-forming solution that increases overall flexibility.

du huo ji sheng wanSo why, if you’re like one of the 25.3 million Americans who suffer from some type of pain, be it acute or chronic, would you turn to Chinese herbs when there are so many other options available?  Ibuprofen is always at the ready and works fast, but does it actually get the root cause? Unlike other western options, Chinese herbal medicine (along with acupuncture) gets to the underlying needs within your body, rather than just masking the symptoms.  And that’s precisely what we’ve experienced while testing these herbs – a gradual but then dramatic increase in joint and lower back strength, that seems to be sustained.

“The herbs work on [the joints’] underlying needs, providing unique strength to your joints that lead to stronger mobility, flexibility and functionality.”

Said my business partner and DAO Labs co-founder Dr. Eric Karchmer, “the herbs in Joint Vitality perform in a totally different way than other joint support options.  The herbs don’t simply disrupt the physiological pathways like other common options, but rather work on the underlying needs, providing unique strength to your joints that lead to stronger mobility, flexibility and functionality.”

Who Should Be Taking Joint Vitality?

Joint Vitality is for those among us who have both enjoyed an active life or are seeking to maintain an active life, with joint and increased mobility needs that might require a bit of extra strength to help keep going.  As I’ve aged (ugh), I’ve started feeling the effects of both an active sports life during a younger time in my life, to the added fatigue of life challenges like picking-up kids. My knees talk to me constantly, as does my lower back (and has for years).




The herbs in Joint Vitality work very subtly but effectively to help provide on-going joint and back support like I’ve never experienced.  When Dr. Karchmer initially recommended the formula to me, I took about two doses per day – within about a week I was feeling the effects.  Today, I take a serving with my coffee (see more below) and the benefits have been incredible.

Chinese Herbs, Collagen and Coconut Oil + Awesome Flavor

As we’ve stated since day one, we’re on a mission to deliver wellness through the wisdom of Chinese medicine and the powers of our innovative products.  Joint Vitality embodies this more than any of our products – we’ve taken a formula that’s over a thousand years old and provided a modern twist that makes its inclusion into one’s on-going health routine as simple as possible.  Moreover, we’ve paired the 15 herbs with two additional ingredients:

  • Each serving contains five grams of Type 1 and Type 3 bovine collagen, a currently “trendy” ingredient but whose roots are consistent with Chinese medicine theory.  The collagen compliments the back and joint supporting nature of the herbs.
  • Three grams of coconut oil for both added joint strength performance and taste as well.  

Awesome Flavor

Words you won’t typically hear with in the same sentence are “the Chinese herbs taste great,” but we have, many times over since our launch two years ago – and we will again as people begin trying Joint Vitality.  We’ve paired the herbs with an awesome spiced cocoa flavor combination that works beautifully with the formula, collagen and coconut oil.

But to give credit to my colleague Chef Travis Metzger, the art involved with “masking” the incredibly bitter nature of the herbs cannot be overstated: despite the herbal formula’s power, a primary reason this combination has not taken hold in the west to provide joint and lower back strength is due to the incredibly negative taste profile of the herbs – that stops now.

Take 15 Herbs and Call Me In the Morning

Our final twist is to make the formula pair not just with water of any temperature, but particularly well with your morning coffee (though this is not mandated!  Try almond milk as well). We wanted to develop the formula to easily incorporate into one’s daily routine, particularly for those who Chinese herbal medicine might be new but who could benefit greatly from this formula.  It’s purposely designed to blend easily with your morning coffee, elevating it’s performance well beyond caffeine to giving your joints and lower back a boost that they could use.

Think about that: Chinese herbs + morning coffee.  And like with all our formulas, you’re incorporating a practice that’s over 2,500 years in the making into your daily health routine.  While these herbs are enriched with the power and heritage of this ancient practices, from our perspective, they’re just getting started…..and so too are your joints and active lifestyle.

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John G. McGarvey is a co-founder of DAO Labs and a regular contributor to The Way. A frequent visitor to China and Asia for both business and pleasure, he is an avid consumer of Chinese medicine. He can be reached at

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