Cold Season Bundle

~ A Combination of Two Formulas | Bounce Back & Breathe Clear
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Cold Season Bundle

Cold Season Bundle

~ A Combination of Two Formulas | Bounce Back & Breathe Clear
Two Formulas for Two Different Times of Her Month Herbs Formula
  • Emotional Balance is inspired by Free & Easy Wanderer | Xiao Yao San
  • Women's Formula is inspired by Four Substance Decoction | Si Wu Tang

A Comprehensive Solution for Flu & Cold Season Needs.

(i) Bounce Back is inspired by Gan Mao Tong Yong Fang and Breathe Clear is inspired by Zhi Sou San

Launched in late 2020, the two formulas in the Cold Season bundle help your body naturally restore wellness when cold season needs strike. These herbal tablet formulas have a combined 19 herbs to help address your cold season symptoms

  • Bounce Back helps your body address cold season symptoms like fevers, chills, aches and sore throats.
  • Breathe Clear helps support your lungs and airways, addressing coughs and phlegm.

Care Consideration: A reminder that these formulas are not a substitute for medical care

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The Cold Season herbal formulas provide a unique two-step approach that can help your body rebalance and revitalize from most of your cold season needs.

About Bounce Back

These herbal tablets are a proprietary blend that draws on centuries of Chinese herbal scholarship to provide a unique solution to the fever, chills, body aches, and nasal congestion associated with cold season. For centuries, Acupuncturists have understood that it was possible to mobilize the body’s innate resilience to “drive out” these symptoms with specific herbal combinations.

About Breathe Clear

Breathe Clear herbal tablets are inspired by Zhi Sou San, a formula used by doctors of Chinese Herbal Medicine for centuries to relieve coughs, reduce phlegm, and to soothe throat irritations. Breathe Clear has been used across Asia for hundreds of years as a natural solution for a variety of coughs.

This formula is excellent when

How to Combine Bounce Back & Breathe Clear

Step One

From a Chinese herbal theory perspective, cold season needs usually begin on the “exterior” or the surface of the body, what we typically call a “head cold,” presenting with fever, chills, head and body aches, nasal congestion, and a scratchy throat.

At this stage, we recommend you use Bounce Back to mobilize your body’s natural response and accelerate your path to rejuvenation.

Step Two

If your condition moves “inward” from a Chinese medicine perspective, it typically lodges in the airways, becoming what one might typically recognize as a “chest cold,” with phlegm, an irritated throat, and a cough. At this stage, we recommend that you add Breathe Clear to your regimen.

Final wrap-up: Ideally, this two step process will help your body rebalance quickly. In some situations, however, all the “head cold” complaints will resolve and only a cough will remain. This is a great time to use Breathe Clear alone to fully revitalize and rebalance.

Dr. Karchmer on Women’s Monthly Kit

Dr. Karchmer on Women’s Monthly Kit

Dr. Karchmer on Women’s Monthly Kit

“There is nothing quite like the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach to Cold Season needs. While the methodology can be complicated, the results are not, nor is the approach I’ve created for DAO Labs. I recommend both of these formulas to all family, friends and my patients."

Read More About Cold Season Bundle From DR. KARCHMER >

“My husband and I both tried Bounce Back during a recent experience when my entire family was down  for the count.  The herbs worked quickly to help us both regain energy and helping with my fever, getting us back to working  and parenting”

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