Immunity Support Sample

Immunity Support Sample

Immunity Support Sample Immunity Support Sample

Immunity Support Sample

The strongest form of self defense during cold and allergy season: behold, Jade Windscreen, a traditional Chinese medicine formula known for safeguarding the body from airborne pathogens during seasonal change. According to Chinese medicine methodology, this formula is believed to create a protective barrier between the body and external pollutants, creating a base layer during times of season change -  regardless of the climate or season. No wonder it is considered as precious and valuable as jade. It’s strength comes from only three herbs, a classic blend that’s tough on pathogens and pollutants, and gentle to you. Pear, ginger, and rosemary tie everything together. Great for strengthening immunity, this is a must-have formula that your body will thank you for.

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To build immunity strength during cold seasons and times of seasonal change.

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Immunity Support - Immunity Builder / Regimen

Immunity Support Sample

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