Practitioner Program Inventory Bundles

Practitioner Program Inventory Bundles

Begin by selecting one of the Inventory Bundles below - this is your initial inventory that you can sell, sample, or both. We have created options to fit your business model: for the business owner who has space for retail items and wants to keep DAO readily available for their patients, to the practitioner or student with limited space and foresees their patients mostly ordering online and those in between.

Along with discounted inventory, all bundles come with a LINK and CODE to make repeat purchases and online ordering easy for patients, marketing materials for your clinic and patients, after visit summary cards to educate your patients, a training manual, access to a practitioner portal, on-going education, and more. Looking to add additional inventory? Visit the Replenish Inventory section after you’ve selected your bundle to curate the perfect DAO collection.

Hover over the options below for more details.

Kit One

$110 USD


One carton
of each DAO formula

Kit Two

$254 USD

10 Cartons + 1 Sleep

Two Cartons + Mental Tranquility

Kit Three

$371 USD

15 Cartons + 2 Sleep

Three Cartons + Both Sleep Formulas

Sleep Kit

$135 USD

Four Sleep Canisters

Two Mental Tranquility + Two Physical Tranquility

Our entry level kit. Features one box of our foundation formulas at a 25% discount. Great for those with smaller clinics and student practitioners.

This kit features 2 boxes each of our foundation formulas plus one canister of Mental Tranquility all at a 25% discount.

This kit features 3 boxes each of our foundation formulas plus one canister each of Mental & Physical Tranquility at a 30% discount.

This option is for the practitioner who would like to solely focus on sleep. It includes two canisters of both sleep formulas at a 25% discount.

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