The Answer to PMS Moods Swings?

Emotional Balance – And it’s FREE to Try for Your Next Cycle*

Looking for a natural solution to hormonal mood swings during PMS? Better question – who isn’t?

Experience the power of Traditional Herbal Medicine during the PMS phase of your next cycle and experience a sense of calm & clarity you didn’t think possible. For a limited time, get 7 packets of Emotional Balance powdered herbs & restore harmony to your body & cycle.

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Don’t Let PMS Symptoms Ruin Your Week – Let Nature Be Your Healer

Restore Your Body’s Natural Balance & Harmony during PMS with Herbs Beloved by Acupuncturists Globally. Great for:

Combatting Overwhelming Stress

Calming Your Irritability

Addressing Hormonal Acne, Mood Swings and Anxiousness

Bloating, Constipation & Other Digestive Needs

Simply add one packet of Emotional Balance effervescent powders to water the week before your period and let the power and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine restore balance and natural healing powers.

A Solution Born in Nature Combined with Convenience

Meet the 8 Herbs Behind Xiao Yao San & Emotional Balance

Try Before Your Next Cycle – Risk Free

Get 7 Packets Plus & a Toolkit to Understand Your Cycle Through the Lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine

What You Get

  • 7 Packets of Emotional Balance to take the week before your cycle to calm PMS mood swings & stress
  • Access to our incredible Own Your Cycle class, taught by renowned Women’s Health advocate, Hannah Fries, LAc (a $15 value)
  • A RECIPE GUIDE to incorporate Chinese dietary therapy to further elevate the power of the herbs

PLUS: We’ll reimburse the cost of this sample order with the next order with DAO Labs.

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