Say Hello to a More Natural, Peaceful & Predictable Monthly Cycle - Delivered By Herbal Formulas Used for Centuries

Two Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas for Emotional Harmony & Cycle Consistency

The Women’s Monthly Kit pairs two classic herbal formulas taken before and after the cycle.  Recommended by Acupuncturists for centuries, these formulas support women’s different needs during different phases of the month. 

  • Less Emotional Volatility During PMS
  • More Consistency with Timing & Regularity
  • Better Energy
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Two Unique Formulas Timed for Different Phases of Your Month

Recommended by Acupuncturists Globally for a More Balanced, Regular, and Harmonious Monthly Cycle

Whether for a more natural, peaceful, and predictable monthly cycle or for longer-term fertility support, the Women’s Monthly Kit pairs two Traditional Chinese herbal formulas for different needs during your cycle

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Free & Easy Wanderer

Free & Easy Wanderer is used during the PMS phase of your month to reduce stress, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, and all the funk that can proceed a cycle.

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Four Substance

Four Substance is used after the cycle for better energy, natural replenishment, and regularity as you progress into your next cycle.

Welcome to a Significantly Improved Month.

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Rave Reviews


Eliminated Period Discomfort

LOVE THIS. The Four Substance improved my period cramp substantially (practically nonexistent now). More women should know about this. We should stop normalizing intense period discomfort--it is not normal. You don't have to suffer.

Rave Reviews


Immediately soothing

Emotional Balance immediately soothes my nervous system, relieving my physical symptoms of anxiety and calming my mind. I love the flavour and the mild effervescence. As a Counsellor, I regularly share emotional balance with my clients as an addition to their self care routines. I also really love that Dao labs offers a prescription service to take away the worry of running out of such a great product!

How To Use the Women’s Monthly Kit

Three Steps for a Better Month

Each Kit contains two different formulas:

  • Free & Easy Wanderer for the PMS phase of your cycle
  • Four Substance for after your cycle has completed


  • Take Free & Easy Wanderer for approximately 5 days before your cycle has started. 
  • When your cycle begins, pause Free & Easy Wanderer.
  • After your cycle has ended and bleeding has stopped, take Four Substance for 4-5 days.
How to use women monthly kit

The combined benefits can in some cases be experienced in just a few days, but tend to increase with each cycle. 

What to Expect from the Women’s Monthly Kit


Both Immediate and Long-Term Benefits Through Consistency

Traditional Chinese Herbs are powerful, but like with any natural supplement, consistency is key and results can vary. Depending on your cycle, you can add or subtract days when taking the formulas. 

For Example:

  • Do you tend to experience prolonged emotional volatility during the PMS phase?  Consider adding an additional day of Free & Easy Wanderer.
  • Is your cycle typically unpredictable?  Add a few days of Four Substance for the first few months until consistency is achieved.

Given the history, legacy and popularity of these formulas, many experience benefits after their first cycle.  But for best results, we recommend including these formulas as part of your on-going wellness routine. 

Other Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources to Support Your Monthly Cycle

Solutions Beyond Herbal Formulas

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Schedule a virtual consultation with one of our acupuncturists for additional support

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Learn how you can naturally support your cycle through your diet and the “temperature” of your foods.

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Listen to Dr. Eric and discuss the Chinese Medicine approach to women’s health


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If you’re new to the Women’s Monthly Kit, get started today.  Each “Kit” contains two formulas - Free & Easy Wanderer and Four Substance, enough for approximately 2 cycles (depending on your needs).

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