embrace the divine feminine with the power of chinese medicine

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For centuries, women in China have owned their cycles through the power of acupuncture, herbs, and nutritional therapy. 

Now, you can experience the game-changing effects of Chinese medicine from your own home, risk free. Give us a month, and we'll completely change the experience your monthly cycle. For a limited time, get one box of our Women's Monthly Kit for 70% off retail price**. We'll include exclusive access to our #ownyourcycle class so that you can truly tap into your menstrual cycle. 

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Periods shouldn't be painful, for you or those around you.

Balance Hormones Naturally with Herbs Beloved by Acupuncturists Globally and Say Goodbye to:

Cramping, painful periods, and heavy bleeding

Irregular bleeding, breakthrough bleeding, or heavy periods

Hormonal acne, mood swings, and stress

Bloating, constipation, and disrupted sleep

Simply add one packet of the effervescent herbal powders to water and let the power and heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine restore your body’s innate healing ability

Get to know the two formulas in your new period toolkit

Two Formulas for Two Different Times of the Month + Needs

Women's Formula

  • Take for 5-6 days in the beginning of the month, right after bleeding ends to replenish
  • Supports cycle regularity
  • Nourishes blood and helps revitalize for a better month ahead
  • Refreshing “Raspberry + Pepper” flavor

Emotional Balance

  • Take for 5-6 days at the end of the month, right before bleeding is expected to start
  • Helps reduce mood swings related to PMS
  • Reduces bloating associated with PMS
  • Energizing “Apple & Cucumber” flavor 

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Get a One Month Supply of these Two Incredible Formulas, Plus a Toolkit to Better Understand Your Body's Natural Rhythms

What You Get

  • A one-month supply of Women's Formula & Emotional Balance ($33.80)
  • Access to our incredible Own Your Cycle class, taught by renowned Women's Health advocate, Hannah Fries, LAc ($15 value).
  • A recipe guide to help you incorporate the principals of Chinese dietary therapy to further elevate the effect of the herbs.

Plus: We’ll reimburse the shipping and handling on your first order, or on another DAO Formula 

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