Wholesale Options Designed with You and Your Clients in Mind

We know you want what’s best for your patients and guests, but ultimately need a solution that is optimal for your practice or business. That is why we offer two different ways to carry us. Our Practitioner Program is great for those looking to hold small, medium or zero inventory. We include marketing materials, training manuals, on-going education, and more. We also understand some of you prefer (and have the systems in place) to order higher volumes, and in return receive a higher discount, in that case our Wholesale Program is for you. With either solution, it’s easy for you, your patients guests to get what matters most - health and wellness through the power of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

The Practitioner Program

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The Practitioner Program (formerly the Wellness Ambassador Program) is designed for qualified practitioners who want more flexibility in how they recommend and manage their inventory. You’re able to carry an inventory level you’re comfortable with, while using our DAO practitioner portal to place orders for your patients, view order history, and more. Additionally, this program allows your patients and clients to order the herbs and formulas that you recommend, directly from our site.

The Wholesale Program

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The Wholesale Program is for those who choose to maintain larger amounts of inventory at any given time. Keep DAO Labs on your shelf so that patients and clients can leave your location with our formulas in their hands. Direct ordering is simple and we direct ship to your door. The Wholesale Program is strongly recommended for practitioners and wellness centers that are outside the continental U.S. and Canada.

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