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Welcome to an Elevated Solution for Joint Health, Flexibility & Mobility

What if there was something better than collagen for your daily routine for better joint health?  There is: the wisdom, power and heritage of 14 Traditional Chinese Herbs - used for thousands of years to increase flexibility.

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Joint Vitality

Call it a Paradigm Shift

Experience the Power & Heritage of Chinese Herbs - Elevated for Your Lifestyle

Nature provided your joints, knees and lower back a gift over 2,000 years ago. It’s the 14 herbs we use in Joint Vitality.

Recommended by Acupuncturists for hundreds of years, we’ve elevated this incredible herbal formula with the inclusion of collagen, coconut oil and a soothing spiced cocoa flavor system that can easily be incorporated into your daily health routine. 

The joint power comes from the herbs.  We just made it a bit easier.


A Daily Herbal Solution For Joint Health, Support and Flexibility

14 Traditional Chinese Herbs


Coconut Oil

The Heritage, History and Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Recommended by Acupuncturists Globally

Benefits the Support Your Entire Joint Health Needs

  • Strengthen Lower Back
  • Joint Support, Strength & Maintenance
  • Increased Mobility and Flexibility

Designed for Daily Convenience

Your Daily Collagen Routine Just Got a Boost - An Herbal Formula with a Deep, Rich History for Joint Support


1. Add Joint Vitality to Your Morning Coffee, with Almond Milk or Water


2. Stir or Shake


3. Enjoy the Refreshing Spiced Cocoa Flavor

14 Powerful Traditional Chinese Herbs

The Secret Ingredient?  We Started with a Formula That’s Been Used for Thousands of Years

Like all of our formulas, we rely on the history and heritage of Traditional Chinese herbal combinations that are recognized globally by Acupuncturists and Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We never waiver from this.

Within Joint Vitality, we rely on a formula called Du Huo Ji Shen Tang.  From a Chinese Medicine standpoint, it helps*:

  • Address inflammation
  • May help with circulation, promoting the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the joints.
  • “Dispels wind and dampness”, Traditional Chinese  Medicine terms that goes to the root cause of joint strength

Your Journey to Stronger Joints Begins Here

We’ve made it easy to try Joint Vitality With TK. Unleash the Power of Chinese Herbs Today

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