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Two different sleep formulas for two different reasons you’re not sleeping. Inspired by natural herbs that are thousands of years old and used by acupuncturists globally. 

For a limited time**, try the formula that’s best for you for the cost of shipping. Plus we’ll send you a guide to help you fall asleep naturally, an audio meditation for relaxation, and a credit equal to the cost of shipping to use on your next order.

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What’s Keeping You Awake at Night? Is it Stress, or You’re Too Hot?

Two Different Formulas For Different Sleep Needs

Comprised of Herbs - Not Melatonin

Stay Asleep, Don’t Just Fall Asleep

Simple and Non-Habit Forming

A solution when other options have failed

Simply add a scoop of the effervescent herbal powders to water and let the power and heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine restore your body’s natural sleep patterns 

Which Formula is Best for You?

Select the Solution that Addresses the Root Cause of Your Sleep Woes

Mental Tranquility 

  • For the stressed sleeper
  • Reduces 2 AM “racing mind” 
  • Excellent for those who worry and are anxious through the day
  • Refreshing “Black Cherry Spice” flavor

Physical Tranquility

  • For the “hot” and physically agitated sleeper
  • Tends to jerk and toss in the night
  • Might be experiencing menopausal symptoms like hot flashes
  • Soothing “Blackberry Clove” flavor 

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Get the Formula Plus a Toolkit for Your Mind and Body to Fall Asleep

What You Get

  • Seven days worth of the formula that’s right for you
  • A guide to help you fall asleep written by Acupuncturists and Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • An audio meditation that will leave you mentally relaxed - created by a Master Qigong coach

Plus: We’ll reimburse the shipping and handling on your first Sleep Remedy order, or on another DAO Formula 

*Shipping and handling will be reimbursed through a credit on your first sleep formula order, or to a different DAO Labs formula.

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