Frequently Asked Questions about the Wholesale Program

Who is the Wholesale Program for?

The Wholesale Program is for practitioners and wellness enthusiast to sell DAO products to their patients in person. The program is for a larger practices, homeopathic pharmacies, natural apothecaries, and other natural lifestyle centers who are passionate about helping their patients and customers through the power of Chinese herbs and medicine.

Is there a opening order minimum?

Yes. The opening order minimum is $350 (approximately 15 units) after practitioner discount. There is a minimum order for repeat purchases.

Do I receive a practitioner CODE or LINK?

Unlike the Practitioner Program, the Wholesale Program relies more on in-clinic, in-person transactions. Therefore, we do not provide these tools in the Wholesale Program.

Do I have to purchase a display?

No. Actually these formulas work well by themselves. No display is needed or has been requested by a practitioner who carries DAO formulas. Any shelf, table top or even a windowsill works great.

Do you provide product education?

Yes. These are classic formulas that we’ve “modernized”. We provide product and formula information, marketing assets, videos, webinars and additional training.

Where are your formulas made?

Our formulas are blended and packaged in the United States with herbs sourced from across Asia. We engaged third-party labs for additional testing and verification.

From where do you source your herbs?

Our herbs are sourced from across Asia , but are tested and verified for safety and authenticity at independent labs in the U.S. Moreover, our formulas are blended and packaged in the U.S.

What type of testing do you do on your formulas?

Testing and formula purity are at the forefront of what we do. Testing starts on an individual herb basis in Asia, up to and including a final food safety “scrub” one the formulas are blended and packaged in the United States. Moreover, upon receipt, we test all herbs for authenticity at a third party lab in the U.S. and do not begin the further blending of our finished formulas until we receive verification.

How many much active Chinese herbal medicine is in each serving?

Each serving has approximately 2.5 - 3.0 grams of Chinese herbal medicine in each sachet or serving. We use extremely high quality herbs, and based upon our development work and feedback, we recommend 1-2 doses per day (though individual results will vary).

Are all your formulas pre-dosed?

Yes. All of our formulas are “pre-dosed”, either based on the sachet or the scoop size, with approximately 2.5 - 3.0 grams of Chinese herbs per dose.

What is the concentration?

Our herb concentration is approximately 5:1.

Why are only 1-2 sachets a day recommended?

We’ve found that most patients will only need 1-2 servings of DAO a day (unlike other standard Chinese formulas that could require a higher dosage) - this is based off of feedback from both practitioners and their patients.

Recognizing that most standard Chinese herbal medicine formulas are specifically tailored to the individual, our formulas were developed to be consumed safely by a broader audience. Dr. Eric Karchmer, along with input from other Chinese medicine professionals, design each formula with both an eye toward safety and efficacy.
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