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Chinese Herbal Medicine for Times of Stress

Emotional Balance (inspired by the popular herbal combination Xiao Yao San), instantly relieves stress and decreases tension for a happier, more balanced day.

These 8 herbs, combined with a refreshing apple-cucumber natural flavor blend, can be taken daily for ongoing stress management, with effects that can be profound.

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Don’t Let stress ruin your day – Let Nature Be Your Healer

Restore Your Body’s Natural Balance & Harmony with Herbs Beloved by Acupuncturists Globally. Great for:

Combats Overwhelming Stress

Calms Irritability

Addresses Hormonal Acne, Mood Swings and Anxiousness

Reduces Bloating, Constipation & Other Digestive Needs

Simply add one packet of Emotional Balance effervescent powders to water and let the power and wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine restore balance and natural healing powers.

A Solution Born in Nature Combined with Convenience

Meet the 8 Herbs Behind Xiao Yao San & Emotional Balance

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Experience this powerful formula for yourself, and see why so many people turn to Chinese medicine to help manage stress.

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