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According to Chinese herbal medicine theory, no two people are alike, so why offer a solution that’s just one size fits all? Design your Cold Season Solutions bundle that is tailored to your needs.

Describe how you are feeling, and we’ll customize a kit that addresses your needs based on the number of days we recommend you use one or both of the formulas.

  • Each Pouch = 1 Day of Herbal Tablets
  • Mix, Match and Customize
  • Order Only What You Need
  • Nothing Leftover When You’re Done
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How Would You Describe Your Cough?

How Would You Describe Your Cough?

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Real People Share their Life Changing Experiences with DAO Labs/ Chinese Medicine

  • I've used Bounce Back in combination with Breathe Clear during two separate colds in the past. I could not believe how quickly they worked. Within minutes of taking Breathe Clear, my cough was contained. By the next morning, my congestion was considerably cleared. I definitely felt like I "bounced back" quicker.
  • These formulas are great! There’s a DAO formula for almost every health issue that could arise in your life. The formulas are delicious too! Excellent customer service.
    Olivia L
  • I love how convenient DAO LABS is making the public understand the power of Chinese herbs. My clients are getting good results and I love the simplicity of it. Thanks.
    Dahn N
  • I inquired about the food additives and received great detail about their processing and testing. I am excited to carry DAO LABS in my practice and have already received great feedback from my patients using the formulas.
    Stephanie F.
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