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The Way, an Online Magazine from DAO Labs, For You

DAO Labs was born of the desire to make Traditional Chinese Medicine accessible and understandable for western consumers, by translating an over 2,500 year-old practice and lifestyle into formats that are convenient, satisfying and efficacious. Through both traveling to and living in and around China, we familiarized ourselves with the mystery and magic of TCM, ultimately incorporating it into our lives and allowing the benefits to alter our paths and journeys.

Our experiences with TCM and its accompanying meditative components have helped open our minds, bring balance into our lives, and helped us find “our true way.” Embracing this reality, we have created The Way as a forum that narrows the bridge between east and west, extending the arc of balance from the herbs to our everyday lives.

Embracing the principles of Chinese medicine with a translatory lens for our western consumers and readers, The Way goes beyond just the herbs and helps unravel the mysteries of TCM, applying the benefits on how best to lead a life of balance. From recipes to personal narratives, advice to music, we hope the writings of The Way, will help enlighten, inspire and bring a sense of balance as you journey forward.

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