Practitioner Breathe Clear

~ Zhi Sou San
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Practitioner Breathe Clear

Practitioner Breathe Clear

~ Zhi Sou San
Seven Herbs in this Formula Herbs Formula
  • Schizonepeta (Plant) / Jing Jie
  • Aster (Root) / Zi Wan
  • Stemona (Root) / Bai Bu
  • Cynanchum Stauntoni (Root) / Bai Qian
  • Citrus (Peel) / Chen Pi
  • Licorice (Root) / Gan Cao

One jar of 60 tablets (750 mg each) or approximately 20 recommended doses Breathe Clear / Zhi Sou San. This formula “improves the flow of Lung Qi and resolves Wind and phlegm associated with coughs”.

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Quality Assured
Quality Assured
Enticing Flavors
Enticing Flavors
Easy & Convenient
Easy & Convenient
Rigorous Testing Processes
Rigorous Testing Processes
Manufactured & Tested in the U.S.
Manufactured & Tested in the U.S.
DAO Labs

Breathe Clear, based on the classic Chinese herbal formula Zhi Sou San, which translates as “Stop Cold Formula,” is a powerful cough formula. It can be used on its own, for both short-term and long-term coughs, or in conjunction with Bounce Back for other cold season ailments such as fever, chills and aches. The herbs in Breathe Clear naturally help open your chest and airways, minimizing phlegm, and suppress a cough.

Breathe Clear tablets are conveniently packaging in individual “daily packets” that contain your daily dose of herbs. Simply order the number of days you feel your body needs based on the symptoms you are experiencing (or typically experience if ordering to keep on-hand), and let the heritage of Chinese herbal medicine help your body recover naturally.

Expedited shipping available, or keep on-hand!

This formula is excellent when

When Breathe Clear Works Best

Breathe Clear tablets work best for coughs, phlegm, and the throat irritations associated with a cough. Unlike your typical over the counter solutions, which give only temporary relief, Breathe Clear works to mobilize your body’s own natural restorative abilities, leading to gradual, sustained, and lasting improvement.

The Best Time to use Breathe Clear is:

  • During the onset of a cough
  • To increase respiratory strength
  • Help clear phlegm
  • In conjunction with Bounce Back

A typical course is approximately 3-14 days.

How to take Practitioner Breathe Clear

  • 1. Pour
  • 2. Stir
  • 3. Enjoy

We developed Digestive Harmony to help in those urgent moments when digestive strength is needed most, or when needed to maintain a strong digestive health routine. Simply add the powders to water, stir and enjoy. Digestive Harmony comes in individual packets making it easy for you to enjoy at home or on-the-go.


Bounce Back can be taken on its own, but it is also designed to work together with our other Cold Season formula, Breathe Clear. Together, these formulas provide a unique two-step approach that can help your body rebalance and revitalize from most of your winter season needs:

Step One: From a Chinese herbal theory perspective, cold season needs usually begin on the “exterior” or the surface of the body, what we typically call a “head cold,” presenting with fever, chills, head and body aches, nasal congestion, and a scratchy throat. At this stage, we recommend you use Bounce Back to mobilize your body’s natural response and accelerate your path to rejuvenation.

Step Two: If your condition moves “inward” from a Chinese medicine perspective, it typically lodges in the airways, becoming what one might typically recognize as a “chest cold,” with phlegm, an irritated throat, and a cough. At this stage, we recommend that you add Breathe Clear to your regimen.

Final wrap-up: Ideally, this two step process will help your body rebalance quickly. In some situations, however, all the “head cold” complaints will resolve and only a cough will remain. This is a great time to use Breathe Clear alone to fully revitalize and rebalance.

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Practitioner Breathe Clear Supplement Facts

The Formula

Breathe Clear is inspired by Zhi Sou San, or “Stop Cough Formula”, a classic Chinese herbal medicine blend that has been used for hundreds of years by Acupuncturists and Doctors of Chinese Herbal Medicine. According to Chinese herbal medicine theory, the formula is believed to help diffuse “Lung Qi”, relieve coughs, and clear phlegm.

The Herbs

Purity, authenticity and sustainability are pillars of DAO Labs, which translates into the way we source our herbs. We use only sustainably-sourced herbs from Good Agriculture Practice farms, and go to extreme lengths to test and verify along our supply chain. All herbs are third-party tested in the U.S.

Quality Assured
Quality Assured
Easy & Convenient
Easy & Convenient

Learn more about the seven herbs in Practitioner Breathe Clear below.

Dr. Karchmer on Breathe Clear

Dr. Karchmer on Breathe Clear

Dr. Karchmer on Breathe Clear

“I’ve been using the herbs in Breathe Clear both personally and in my private practice for years. According to Chinese herbal medicine theory, the herbs help restore the proper movement of lung Qi. In practice, this means they help open the airways, minimize phlegm, and relieve coughs. My patients have often been delighted at how effective this formula is.”

MyDaoLabs Another Great Formula

“This formula is fantastic. I am somebody who needs the lung support, particularly when it’s cold season. This was recommended by my acupuncturist and it has performed for me and my family many times over”

Verified Practitioner Breathe Clear Enthusiast

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