Gui Pi Tang - Mental Tranquility

~ Inspired by Return to Spleen | Gui Pi Tang

Gui Pi Tang - Mental Tranquility

~ Inspired by Return to Spleen | Gui Pi Tang
Twelve Herbs in this Formula Herbs Formula
  • Bai Zhu – Atractylodes Macrocephala
  • Yuan Zhi - Polygala tenuifolia
  • Fu Shen – Poria Cocos
  • Huang Qi – Astragalus membranaceus
  • Long Yan Rou – Euphoria longan (longan fruit)
  • Suan Zao Ren – Ziziphus spinosa
  • Ren Shen –Panax ginseng
  • Mu Xiang – Aucklandia lappa
  • Gan Cao - Glycyrrhiza uralensis
  • Dang Gui – Angelica sinensis
  • Sheng Jiang - Zingiber officinale
  • Da Zao – Ziziphus jujuba

Inspired by the classic Chinese herbal blend Gui Pi Tang (Return to Spleen), this natural formula contains 12 sustainably sourced herbs and is beloved by acupuncturists globally for its taste, authenticity, and effectiveness.

Mental Tranquility is great for:

  • A racing mind that won’t turn off throughout the night
  • Reducing nighttime anxiousness and stress
  • Helping one stay asleep, not just fall asleep
  • Increasing mental clarity and focus the next day
  • Establishing a quality sleep pattern

two jar (60 nights of sleep)

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Enticing Flavors
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Manufactured & Tested in the U.S.
Manufactured & Tested in the U.S.
  • Description
  • DAO Labs

    Mental Tranquility by DAO Labs, part of our Sleep Remedy Series, combines 12 powerful herbs with a refreshing blackcherry and spice combination that helps one maintain quality sleep throughout the night (not just fall asleep). The formula is inspired by the incredibly popular Chinese herbal combination Return to Spleen (Gui Pi Tang), used for a variety of needs and benefits beyond just helping deliver uninterrupted rest.

    Mental Tranquility is for the sleeper whose mind races at 2 AM and won’t turn off. The stressed out sleeper will achieve peaceful rest and renewed mental clarity in the day ahead with this powerful herbal combination that’s been helping people sleep more soundly for hundreds of years - we’ve modernized and made it better.

    It’s not melatonin, rather Mental Tranquility is a non-habit forming herbal powder that mixes easily with water and can be taken both before bed to transition naturally to sleep and during the day for superior mental performance and to reinforce a better sleep pattern in the nights that follow.

    Mental Tranquility comes in a bulk container with approximately 30 servings for a month of blissful sleep.

  • When + How
  • This formula is excellent when

    When Mental Tranquility Works Best

    Mental Tranquility is taken approximately 1-2 times daily to help establish a stronger sleep pattern. Some will experience the benefits by taking a single serving approximately an hour before bed, while others will add an extra dose during the day. In addition, the benefits of Mental Tranquility extend far beyond better sleep, providing reduced stress and stronger mental clarity during the day as well.

    The formula is especially suited for:

    • High type-A, stressed out personalities that cannot turn their mind off in the night
    • Those who can fall asleep, but have trouble staying asleep
    • Individuals seeking an alternative to melatonin
    • Students studying for exams, as the herbs help with mental recall and acuity
    • Constant, on-the-go, types who have a hard time shutting down and relaxing

    How to take Gui Pi Tang - Mental Tranquility

    • 1. Pour
    • 2. Stir
    • 3. Enjoy

    Mental Tranquility is typically taken approximately one hour before bed to help the mind and body transition naturally to sleep. For those in need of advanced sleep assistance, an added dose can be taken during the day as well (in most cases, it will not make you fall asleep). Simply add a scoop of the powdered herbs to a glass of water, stir and enjoy a blissful night of rest.

  • Formula + Herbs
  • Formula

    The Formula

    Mental Tranquility is inspired by the 12 herbs found in Return to Spleen (Gui Pi Tang), a powerful, non-habit forming combination of herbs that have been used to help calm and rest the mind for hundreds of years.

    The Herbs

    Purity, authenticity and sustainability are the pillars of DAO Labs, which translates into how we develop our formulas. Mental Tranquility is inspired by the classic Chinese herbal combination Return to Spleen. Used for hundreds of years, we’ve improved upon this classic formula by incorporating flavor and convenience, while never compromising the heritage and power of this amazing practice.

    All herbs are sourced in Asia but third-party tested in the U.S. for both safety and authenticity, setting a new standard for in Chinese herbal medicine.

    Learn more about the twelve herbs in Gui Pi Tang - Mental Tranquility below.

  • Supplements Facts
  • Gui Pi Tang - Mental Tranquility Supplement Facts
    • Pour
    • Stir
    • Enjoy
    Gui Pi Tang - Mental Tranquility Supplement Facts

Dr. Karchmer on Gui Pi Tang & Mental Tranquility

Dr. Karchmer on Gui Pi Tang & Mental Tranquility

Dr. Karchmer on Gui Pi Tang & Mental Tranquility

“One of the most intriguing features of Chinese herbal medicine treatments for delivering uninterrupted, quality sleep, and the reason they are so effective, is that they don’t sedate the body. Rather, Chinese herbal medicine solutions treat the imbalances that cause poor sleep and can be positively impactful throughout their lives. This may be the reason that one of my patients credited Mental Tranquility with not only radically improving her sleep, but also saving her marriage.”

Read More About Mental Tranquility From DR. KARCHMER >

Listen to a former stressed sleeper explain her experience with Mental Tranquility.

What do you turn to when you've tried all of the sleep remedies, but they leave you groggy? One woman explains why she turned to Chinese Herbal Medicine, and how it's impacted her sleep - and ultimately her health.
Transcript of the audio:

Hey non-sleepers - Let me know if you can relate:

Do you ever lay awake at night, focussing on things you didn't’ do the day before, the things you need to do in the day ahead, and feel stressed, frustrated and agitated that your mind is racing rather than relaxing?

Is there anything worse than counting down the hours or minutes until the alarm goes off, rather than sleeping soundly and peacefully, throughout the night?

I’m John McGarvey, one of the co-founders of DAO Labs and for years I suffered from the chronic, 2 AM racing mind, filled with the right amount of stress and anxiousness.

It was terrible - but notice my emphasis on past tense - I used to suffer through the night.

But not surprisingly given my journey with DAO Labs, Chinese herbal medicine has a solution for offering better sleep - several, actually, and they don’t involve melatonin.

And that’s not surprising. One thing that I have found is that Traditional Chinese Medicine has a solution for nearly everything, but with an approach to solving the problem that is much different.

In the case of sleep, this means not melatonin or other OTC sleep aids meant to knock you out but won’t be helpful at helping you stay asleep.

Rather - Chinese medicine focuses on “the whole” (as in your whole body - not just one symptom), and introduces terms such as Qi and “Shen”, which are really beautiful concepts that I’d invite you to familiarize yourself with and which, with a proper understanding, can be “harmonized” to change not just your sleep, but your life as well.

So when I presented my 2 A.M. monkey mind to my business partner, Dr. Eric Karchmer, whose an incredible doctor of Chinese medicine and a very talented acupuncturist, he was able to quickly diagnose my situation, much like, as I have found, nearly every quality acupuncturist can.

The result - he put me on a combination of Chinese herbs that snuffed the monkey mind and had me sleeping soundly, throughout the night.

The drawback - the herbs can work too well - having me awake and energized way ahead of my alarm.

I’m serious.

So let’s fast forward.

Last summer, our company decided to tackle sleep as our next formula project - why?

Well for starters, the World Health Organization has now declared a sleep loss epidemic throughout industrialized WORLD, despite the fact that sleep is THE ULTIMATE immunity booster (physical) and perhaps the best therapy for the brain (mental!).

But we don’t need the World Health Organization to tell us that… many times have you purposely deprived yourself of sleep - is there truly any significant gain?

Sleep is everything - it’s mother nature’s daily gift to us, allowing us to reset our bodies, mind and spirit every 24 hours.

So when we began developing solutions that would help throughout the night (and not just help you fall to sleep), Dr Eric recommended two solutions - as there’s really no such thing as one reason we can’t sleep through the night - his suggestion:

Let’s create one for the 2 AM racing mind - we call this Mental Tranquility
Let’s create one for those who sleep hot, toss and turn and are more agitated - we call this Physical Tranquility

The result - two non-habbit forming herbal based formulas that so far have worked wonders for those who’ve tried them (including, selfishly, me - I drink Mental Tranquility every night.

But for added measure, to ensure that I wasn’t the only one whose life has been upgraded by these formulas, I reached out to one of our early Mental Tranquility advocates. So we reached out to Janet in Arizona. She’s an adult woman who hasn’t slept well in years. Melatonin wasn’t working for her, so she gave Mental Tranquility a try. But don’t take my word for it, take hers. Hey Janet thank you for being here today.

JANET Thanks for having me.

JOHN So first off, how did you hear about DAO Labs?

JANET I actually saw an advertisement for your company on Facebook and my daughter has been practicing Chinese medicine to improve her health so I guess I was curious when I saw there was a formula that could maybe help me sleep better.

JOHN That’s great. We always like to hear that. Can you tell me a little about your sleep patterns prior to trying Mental Tranquility?

JANET Sure. Almost every night I’d actually have no problem falling asleep, but then I would wake up after a few hours. For the rest of the night I’d just be awake for long periods. Every now and then I’d bob in and out of a light sleep, but for the most part - once I woke up in the middle of the night I was basically just up.

JOHN Why do you think that is?

JANET Um. You know. For the longest time I didn’t want to admit that it was stress induced, but then there I was just running through all the things I had to do the next day. And then getting anxious and sometimes upset that I wouldn’t get enough sleep in order to do those things. And it’s not just that, you know. I’d replay scenarios that happened the day before or even years before. If I had a song stuck in my head that day, sure enough it would come to me in the middle of the night, just playing on a loop. I just couldn’t get back to sleep.

JOHN What other sleep solutions have you tried?

JANET Well I used to take ambien for years. And it’s a powerful drug, it puts you to sleep no doubt, but the next morning I always felt like I was hit by a truck. The grogginess was absolutely not worth it. So I finally stopped taking that. Then for awhile I was trying Tylenol PM when I would wake up in the middle of the night. Ive used Z-Quil, melatonin. I don’t know. You always think it’s working at first, and then after a short while you realize it’s sort of a hit or miss. I realized it wasn’t really working, it was just the luck of the draw whether I would stay asleep that night or not. Mental Tranquility has been the only thing that’s worked consistently, without any weird side effects.

JOHN So how has Mental Tranquility impacted your sleep habits?

JANET Well, even after just 4 days of using Mental Tranquility I started sleeping better than I have in years. If by chance I ever wake up in the middle of the night, I’m able to fall back asleep effortlessly. It’s completely changed my sleep habits.

JOHN Well we’re so glad that it’s working for you.

JANET Yeah, and actually it’s sort of funny. I ran out of Mental Tranquility awhile back, and I still continued to sleep better than I had in years. It was like it trained my body to stay asleep. But you know, I had one rough night and just thought it’s safest to always keep a little on hand - just in case.

JOHN Have you noticed any other side effects or alternative results when using Mental Tranquility?

JANET So, I have microscopic colitis, and it’s actually really helped with my digestive system. I can feel my stomach settle as soon as I drink it. And then my intestinal system is just sort of soothed throughout the next day. I also feel a bit more focused throughout the day. My mind doesn’t really wander as much.

JOHN Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us.

JANET Of course.

JOHN One last question.

JANET Shoot.

JOHN If there was one thing you could tell someone who’s experiencing trouble sleeping, what would you say to them?

JANET What are you waiting for? Sleep is so valuable, and if the lack of it is affecting you the way it affected me then yeah, just what are you waiting for?

JOHN Alright. Thank you again Janet.

JANET Thank you!

So there you have it.

>A monkey mind sleeper
>And a stressed sleeper

I fit into both catagories.

But let’s not beat around the bush - let’s just call us what we are - HARDCORE sleepers. Peaceful, uninterrupted, sleepers. And how great is that?

So if you’re tossing and turning, painting the ceiling or perfecting your list of things to do, rather than snoozing away, check-out our new sleep formulas at That’s m-y-d-a-o-l-a-b-s and use code SLEEP20 to save 20% on your first month.

No need to sleep on it. Embrace the power of balance from within.

MyDaoLabs Great results!

“I am falling asleep and staying asleep throughout most nights. Also feel calmer during the night and day. This has replaced melatonin for me and actually works much better. Highly recommend!”

Verified Gui Pi Tang - Mental Tranquility Enthusiast

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