Women's Formula

~ Inspired by Four Substance Decoction | Si Wu Tang
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Women's Formula

Women's Formula

~ Inspired by Four Substance Decoction | Si Wu Tang
Four Herbs in this Formula Herbs Formula
  • Rehmannia (root)/Shu Di Huang
  • Tangkuei (root)/Dang Gui
  • White Peony (root)/Bai Shao
  • Ligusticum (root)/Chuan Xiong

Women’s Formula, inspired by the powerful Chinese herbal blend Four Substance Decoction (Si Wu Tang), provides a natural but intensively supportive solution to maintain peaceful strength, cycle regularity and on-going support for the female monthly cycle. Helpful for women who experience cycles which are less than harmonious, these four herbs are incredibly popular with women across Asia, helping re-energize, invigorate and strengthen on-going menstrual regularity to create a more natural, peaceful month.

Women’s Formula is great for:

  • Supporting on-going cycle regularity
  • Helping re-energize after one’s cycle has ended
  • Creating a more peaceful and natural cycle
  • Harmonizes and normalizes emotions throughout the month

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Quality Assured
Quality Assured
Enticing Flavors
Enticing Flavors
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Easy & Convenient
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Rigorous Testing Processes
Manufactured & Tested in the U.S.
Manufactured & Tested in the U.S.
  • Description
  • DAO Labs

    Women’s Formula by DAO Labs combines 4 powerful herbs with a refreshing raspberry and black pepper flavor combination to naturally help women experience a more regular and peaceful monthly cycle. The formula is inspired by the incredibly popular Chinese herbal combination, Four Substance Decoction (Si Wu Tang), and used by women across much of Asia as part of their monthly feminine health routine.

    Women’s Formula helps create a more natural month, helping restore energy after her cycle has ended and creating a pathway to a more natural, peaceful cycle in the month ahead.

    In addition, women who take the formula monthly should experience a more regular cycle and one that is less obtrusive to their ongoing lives. The herbs help bolster energy after bleeding has ended and leads to hormonal balance and harmony throughout the month.

    Women’s Formula is taken on a monthly basis, after her cycle has ended. Simply add the powdered blend to water, and let the heritage of this powerful classic work its magic in your life. Women’s Formula is packaged in individual packets for on-the-go convenience.

  • When + How
  • This formula is excellent when

    When Women's Formula Works Best

    Women’s Formula is taken on a monthly basis after her cycle has ended (once natural bleeding has concluded). The formula is taken twice daily for about 4-5 days, helping create a more natural and peaceful hormonal month for the cycle ahead. Best results are experienced after approximately two cycles, with benefits that can be rather profound.

    The formula is especially suited for:

    • Women seeking a more natural and peaceful cycle
    • Those looking to support cycle regularity
    • Supporting the natural start of one’s cycle after childbirth
    • For those who are emotionally depleted after her cycle has ended
    • As part of their fertility planning process

    How to take Women's Formula

    • 1. Pour
    • 2. Stir
    • 3. Enjoy

    Women’s Formula was developed to be a natural compliment to a woman's monthly cycle management and needs. She simply takes 1-2 packets daily, adding the powders to water, allowing the beautiful power of these four herbs to provide radical changes to her month.

  • Formula + Herbs
  • Formula

    The Formula

    Women’s Formula is inspired by the 4 herbs found in Four Substance Decoction (Si Wu Tang), a beautiful but powerful combination of herbs that includes White Peony Root (Bai Shao) which helps harmonize blood and calm the liver during stressful times. Women across Asia look to this combination monthly to help deliver a more peaceful, natural cycle.

    The Herbs

    Purity, authenticity and sustainability are pillars of DAO Labs, which translates into the way we source our herbs. We use only sustainably-sourced herbs from Good Agriculture Practice farms, and go to extreme lengths to test and verify along our supply chain. All herbs are third-party tested in the U.S. for both safety and authenticity, setting a new standard in Chinese medicine.

    Learn more about the four herbs in Women's Formula below.

  • Supplements Facts
  • Women's Formula Supplement Facts
    • Pour
    • Stir
    • Enjoy
    Women's Formula Supplement Facts

    Other Ingredients: Honey, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, natural flavors (raspberry, apple and pepper).

Dr. Karchmer on Bao He Wan and Women’s Formula

Dr. Karchmer on Bao He Wan and Women’s Formula

Dr. Karchmer on Bao He Wan and Women’s Formula

“Women’s bodies are beautiful, amazing and complex. But the monthly menstrual cycle is draining - literally. Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are even more demanding on the body. In our rush to succeed in school, careers, and the ever-expanding social horizons of our modern world, it is also possible to not fully appreciate the unique physiology of women related to menstruation. Indeed, some women may find their period a hassle, a needless interruption to the schedule, a problem to be managed pharmacologically - that’s where Chinese herbal medicine, including Women’s Formula, can make a true difference.”

Read More About Women's Formula From DR. KARCHMER >
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“I am usually exhausted after my cycle as I am a heavy bleeder. I take Women’s Formula for five days after my cycle and I recuperate so much faster. I get my energy back by day two. So much better. Thank you!”

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