Take The Quiz: What is Your Chinese “Element” Type?

Dr. Ashley Abbs

By Dr. Ashley Abbs


Take The Quiz: What is Your Chinese “Element” Type?

Each of us is governed by a unique Five Element Type that can be used to assist us in recognizing our innate strengths and talents as well as the opportunity for self-development that leads to trusting our intuition and the knowing when to move forward in moments of opportunity and leaps of faith.    

Knowing your 5 Element type makes way for you to cultivate meaningful relationships with yourself and those you love.   

In my last article, we discussed an overview of the Five Elements and why I find them so helpful to work with for both my personal self-development and also in the treatment room with my patients. Through revealing someone’s Element Type we can customize supportive tools and strategies that help an individual bring awareness and choices to how they participate in their healing journey, personal fueling transformation so that they can create a life that they love.  

earth element chinese medicine

Which Brings Me to the Question: What Element Type are You?  

Are you...

Earth-Type: Are you a natural nurturer and peacemaker? Are you everybody's best friend with an ability to create harmony among individuals and circumstance?  

Metal Type: Do you consider yourself the architect, artist or Alchemist, with the capacity to make something out of nothing with the clarity and precision to help others connect to the “here and now”?   

Water Type: Are you a dreamer, philosopher or mystic, curious and drawn to the depths of thought and possibility, always seeking authentic expression?  

Wood Type:  Perhaps you are the pioneer, warrior and visionary, the go-getter who is constantly seeking growth and development to help bring their vision up and out for the world to see.  

Fire Type:  Are you the lover, performer and connector.  Always the life of the party and the center of attention, you are the bringer of warmth and happiness to every room you enter.   

Lets find out! 

Take the “Element Quiz”

earth element chinese medicine

I invite you to answer these 10 questions.  Don’t over think them, your first answer without filter is probably the one the is the most true.   

What is your favorite color?  

a) Dark Blue 
b) Green 
c) Red 
d) Browns and Golds 
e) White 

What’s your favorite season?

a) Winter
b) Spring
c) Summer
d) Late Summer 
e) Autumn

What does “your voice” sound like?

a) Quiet or moaning
b) Shouting
c) Fast chatter
d) Singing and melodic
e) Clear with a slight tremble

What inspires you?

a) Philosophical discussion
b) Making things happen
c) Creating community and intimacy
d) Creating harmony in everything
e) Art and creativity

How do you relax?

a) Reading
b) I collapse
c) Dancing
d) Spending time with friends
e) Projects or hobbies (arts & crafts, etc.)

Which physical weakness are you prone to?

a) Spine, Urination, Sexual
b) Headaches, blood pressure
c) Heart palpitations, insomnia
d) Weight gain, sluggishness
e) Breathing, skin problems

What is your “emotional tendency” when you become overwhelmed?

a) Isolation
b) Rage
c) Excitable and forgetful
d) Tend to seek comfort
e) Hyper-critical and sad

With which quality do you have the most difficulty with?

a) Authority
b) Indecision
c) Boundaries
d) “Saying no”
e) Spontaneity

What personal quality do you value most in yourself?

a) Insight
b) Power
c) Compassion
d) Nurturing
e) Organized

People that know you would describe you as?

a) Unusual & A Dreamer
b) Ambitious & Competitive
c) Joyful & Magnetic
d) Loyal & Accessible
e) Sensible & Refined

Next Steps: Tally Your Scores

Add up the number of A, B, C, D, and E’s that you answered with each question (for example, “2-A’s, 1-B, 4-C’s, etc.). The A is equal to the amount of Water that you have, the B corresponds to the Wood Element, C represents Fire, D is your Earth and E qualifies your Metal.  The letter with the highest score would be considered your dominant Element Type. 

In short, your Element Type is the sum total of thoughts, emotions, actions, childhood nutrition, culture, family, history, geographic location along with your natural gifts, daily habits and practices. Once you know your dominant type you can make choices that support these energies and create the life you want.  

Next Steps

This confirmation of who you are from a Five Element perspective allows you to step forward to be your own authority, of “why you are the way you are” and how you are best supported to live the life you dream of.  Moreover, an understanding of your Element Type can be very liberating, allowing you to make decisions that ensure your Element’s requirements are being met, thus making every aspect of your life and work feel supported, easy and in alignment with your values and what you know to be true.   

In the upcoming articles to this series we will deep dive into each element type, their quirks, strengths, opportunities for growth and how each element can best support themselves through self-care. 

Dr. Ashley Abbs is a registered acupuncturist, writer, mentor, and the owner of TerraSana Health in Calgary AB, Canada. She assists her clients in both her practice and online with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, using the lens of 5 Element Philosophy to discover "Why They Are The Way They Are," so that they may trust their own inner wisdom and awaken their innate healing capabilities. You can take her 5 Element Quiz and learn more about Ashley at www.ashleyabbs.com or follow her on Instagram @ashleyabbs.

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