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Lake Trout with Roasted Cauliflower and Charmoula for Inflammation

By Travis Metzger /

Lake Trout with Roasted Cauliflower and Charmoula for Inflammation

The recipes on The Way are intended as an East meets West look at food and its relationship to health and nutrition. Food is powerful, and every bite can either greatly benefit your system or effectively work against it. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition is tremendously healing in nature and remarkably adaptable to individual needs. Based on 3,000 years of study, TCM seeks to treat the whole person rather than just the symptom to support and strengthen your body and your energy, or Qi.

Chronic inflammation is oftentimes at the root of many diseases including arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease. Anti-inflammatory foods can nourish and protect our bodies from inflammation brought on by genetics, stress, toxins, lack of exercise and poor diet. This recipe incorporates one of my favorite sauces of all time, Charmoula! An exotic North African pesto style sauce, charmoula is fresh, tangy, smoky and luxurious all at once.

Highly prized saffron adds a pungent earthiness and has carotenoids which can relieve arthritic conditions. Parsley, garlic and cayenne are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and can also reduce arthritic symptoms. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis benefit from essential fatty acids known as Omega 3 fats, found primarily in fish oil, are well known for being very effective at reducing inflammation in the body.

Chinese dietary theory says that wind and dampness can cause inflammation by obstructing energetic meridians. Wind is related to a stagnant liver and dampness is related to toxic mucus residue from incomplete digestion of dairy, refined sugar and alcohol. Help smooth the flow of Qi and disharmony of the liver with this flavorful Lake Trout and charmoula combination.

Chinese medicine benefit

Lake Trout Warming thermal properties, strengthens Qi and Yang, counteracts cold and benefits liver
Saffron Promotes Qi and blood circulation, benefits liver
Cumin Benefits liver
Garlic Benefits liver 



Lake Trout




Canadian Lake Trout with Roasted Cauliflower Rice and Charmoula for Inflammation and Arthritis

Serving size
About 4

Prep Time / Cook Time
20 minutes / 25 minutes

1 ½ Pounds Lake Trout
2 Heads Cauliflower
¼ Cup Lemon Juice
¼ Tablespoon Saffron
3 Garlic Cloves Minced
¼ Cup Parsley Chopped
¼ Cup Cilantro Chopped
½ Tablespoon Smoked Paprika
½ Tablespoon Paprika
½ Tablespoon Cumin
¼ Tablespoon Cayenne
½ Tablespoon Sea Salt
¼ Tablespoon Fresh Cracked Black Pepper or Peppercorn Blend
1 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil, (Arbequina)


Bloom the saffron in the lemon juice for 10-15 minutes, add the rest of the ingredients and slowly whisk in the olive oil, serve at room temperature. Here I recommend Arbequina olive oil for its fresh and fruity flavor.

Break down the cauliflower into flowerets and pulse in a food processor until roughly the size of rice or a bit larger. Toss with a little olive oil, season lightly with salt, spread out in a roasting pan and roast at 450 degrees for 15 minutes, stir and continue roasting for five minutes, stir again and continue roasting for another five minutes. The edges of the pan will start to darken which gives a nice nutty flavor.

Remove skin from trout and portion into five ounce pieces, season both sides with salt and pepper and saute presentation side down on medium high heat with a bit of olive oil until golden brown. Turn over and finish in a 450 degree oven for just about three to four minutes depending on thickness. The trout should be a nice medium temperature, try not to overcook.


Cilantro Herb

Dining with Culinary Artist Travis Metzger is an unforgettable experience. You can taste the passion, creativity and culinary expertise in each of Travis’s one-of-kind recipes. Most would agree that Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs in their original form taste less than delectable, but Travis has proven that TCM for today can taste great with DAO Labs. Travis develops unique flavors for each DAO formula to complement the proprietary blend of herbs and their health benefits. After extensive training at the New England Culinary Institute, Travis ran some of the finest restaurants across the country before starting his own in Minneapolis. To survive the stresses and physical challenges of the kitchen heat, Travis focused on combining natural ingredients for healthy AND delicious eating and juicing.

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