Bringing DAO Labs to Your Patients

By John G. McGarvey /

Bringing DAO Labs to Your Patients

Since our 2017 launch, we’ve been humbled by the interest and enthusiasm from the practitioner trade in our vision for making Chinese medicine approachable, convenient and dare we say, palatable.  One of our four company values is creating a shared experience: as we state, “we believe a life shared together is always better than one alone.”  As part of this pledge, we’re excited to launch our Wellness Ambassador program, created for acupuncturists to offer their patients DAO products without having to hold significant inventory.  We view it as a disruptive and transformative way to benefit from all future purchases that acupuncturists’ patients make, without having to directly sell it to them each time.

After crisscrossing the country, meeting and speaking with acupuncturists and herbalists, we quickly realized that the acupuncture trade is as diverse as a patient’s first reaction to Chinese medicine.  From the larger clinics that are home to several practitioners and specialists, to the passionate sole proprietor with her table, charts and needles, the practitioner trade is comprised of acupuncturists of all shapes and sizes.  

“The Wellness Ambassador Program is designed to reward acupuncturists for connecting DAO Labs to their patients and clients”

Nonetheless, the role of practitioner is incredibly important in the introduction of herbal medicine to one’s patients and clients – we’ve experienced this first hand, with new customers constantly telling us that they were referred by their acupuncturist or herbalist.  This introduction and relationship is invaluable to all of us.  With the Wellness Ambassador program, we’d like to compensate you for it.  

Recognizing the above, we’ve created the Wellness Ambassador program to incentivize and motivate licensed acupuncturists, herbalists and doctors of Chinese medicine to introduce DAO Labs to their patients and clinic communities.  You’re on the front lines of Chinese medicine daily, treating, healing, and making recommendations that can improve people’s lives.  Your ongoing patient engagement provides an opportunity to introduce DAO Labs and our unique, approachable and “on-the-go” positioning of Chinese medicine to them.

Technology Driven: We Provide You the Tools for Success

The Wellness Ambassador program uses a web-based system that allows you to make a commission on any DAO product that your patients makes – regardless if they buy it from you in-person or directly from DAO Labs.  We provide you the tools and product knowledge to create a successful ancillary revenue stream – and you aren’t required to keep heavy amounts of inventory on hand (though you can if you’d like) and won’t lose out on future sales (your commissions on your patients’ purchases will be on-going, regardless of how, when and where they purchase).   

DAO Labs Wellness Ambassador Program

In addition, we’ve created a program that will make you succeed.  We provide you the resources, marketing collateral and training to be effective - from Instagram images that you can socialize with your communities, to tips on how best to use Facebook to grow your online presence, practice, and DAO Labs sales.  

In the coming months, we’ll be offering exclusive webinars to our Ambassadors that touch on topics ranging from acupuncture techniques and recommendations (both by fellow Wellness Ambassadors and our own team of Chinese medicine doctors), to general marketing recommendations that you can apply to both your professional practice (to attract more patients) and digital outreach (to build your online brand as an acupuncturist).  

Don’t Lose Out on Sales to Amazon

At present, we only sell our products via our website and through our Wellness Ambassador community.  Is that relevant?  You bet - it means that unlike other supplements that you introduce to your patients which in turn they can purchase from Amazon (or other online retailers), whereby you lose out on future profits, our system tracks all future purchases and pays you a commission on those sales.  No need to maintain and stock inventory - simply facilitate the initial introduction.  

The DAO Labs team is as passionate about Chinese medicine as we are about entrepreneurialism, and as outlined in our company’s value proposition, feel that we can win and succeed together.  Do you think the Wellness Ambassador Program is right for you?  Give my colleague Stephanie a call at 612-315-5857, send her an email at, or apply online.

John G. McGarvey is a co-founder of DAO Labs and a regular contributor to The Way. A frequent visitor to China and Asia for both business and pleasure, he is an avid consumer of Chinese medicine. He can be reached at

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