Herbs + Breakfast Congee: 15 Days of "Middle Burner" Bliss

By Karen Taylor /

Herbs + Breakfast Congee: 15 Days of "Middle Burner" Bliss

We've said it numerous times before - according to Chinese medicine theory, digestion is key to good health, balanced emotions, mental clarity, and even spiritual well being.

Oregon-based Breakfast Cure is committed to bringing the wisdom of the benefits of consuming warm cooked food to Americans who often have never heard the idea that cold, iced food and drinks may be at the root of digestive distress.  They do this through delicious pre-made meals that you simply heat and serve, with benefits that embrace the heritage of ancient dietary therapy.  

In Asian culture and Chinese medicine in particular, it is well understood that consuming too much cold, raw food will put out the fire of digestive and slow metabolism, sometimes to a creeping crawl.  Luckily, it’s pretty simple to turn things around and start building a glowing, stable digestive fire through foods and herbs.

Breakfast Congees to Address Bloating, Belching & Constipation 

Congee is the perfect food to bring to the digestive rescue, especially when eaten to break an overnight fast or re-start your daily digestion. With most congee, the first thing to enter your belly is ideally warm, soothing, moist, and comforting.  In addition, one of the lovely things about congee is that it can be eaten savory, sweet, or neutral. 

If you are experiencing the side effects of stress, combined with an overly cooling diet, then you are not alone. You probably notice some bloating, belching, loose stools, or constipation, and likely some tiredness and even discomfort in your stomach or intestines. In this case, it’s time to grab the ancient texts and pull out a tried and true formula that has stood the test of time - and that's where a warming congee and some Chinese herbs can make a difference.

Introducing our New Middle Burner Bliss Kit with Breakfast Cure Congee and DAO Labs

The teams at Breakfast Cure and DAO Labs have teamed-up to create something special and impactful for your morning breakfast routine - "The Middle Burner Bliss Kit".  By combining the pre-packed breakfast congees from Breakfast Cure, and the digestive support found in DAO's Digestive Harmony, there's a path to double the digestive power of your morning routine.  

Both the food ingredients of Breakfast Cure's congees and herbal support from DAO's Digestive Harmony deliver a beautiful balance of yin and yang.  Each component provides warm, Spleen supporting ingredients that build the "yang energy" of digestion, as well as providing plenty of moistening fluids to keep the balance of drying and moistening, hot and cold, and yin and yang.  We took it a step further and teamed up to bring you all the goodness in one awesome little package.

Each "Middle Burner Bliss Kit" that includes both Breakfast Cure congee and DAO Labs Digestive Harmony packets.

Congee makes herbs and nutrients more readily available for absorption, so it’s a great time to take herbs.

DAO Lab’s herbs come as a very accessible, effervescent powder in a nicely generous serving that tastes delicious. We can’t rave enough about how this tasty beverage feels in the stomach, and we just love the way the orange and chai flavor pairs with so many of our own flavors.


Already eating Breakfast Cure congee? Grab some Digestive Harmony and create your own "Middle Burner Bliss Kit". Use code breakfastcure to save 10% on your next order.

This article originally appeared on https://breakfastcure.com/ and has been republished here with the permission of the author.

Karen Taylor is a licensed acupuncturist and Diplomat of Acupuncture in Eugene, Oregon, and has been in private practice since 1995. She received her Diplomat of Chinese Herbology in 1994. Karen founded Breakfast Cure® in 2017 to facilitate adopting congee as a morning ritual for everyone from toddlers to doctors of Chinese medicine.

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