Chinese Herbs for Happiness

By John G. McGarvey /

Chinese Herbs for Happiness

Chinese herbs have changed my life – from stronger mental focus to better sleep, healthier digestion to increased energy, this beautiful ancient practice is as much a part of my health regimen as a good diet and regular exercise and meditation. One herbal formula in particular, Xiao Yao San (“the Free & Easy Wanderer”), the inspiration to our Emotional Balance formula, does something that’s incredibly profound every time I drink it – it makes me feel happy.

The applications of Free and Easy Wanderer across the spectrum of mental and physical health are many – from helping reduce everyday stresses for just about anybody, to PMS happiness for women, the benefits of this eight-herb classic formula have been well documented, both by DAO Labs and from other research. But for me, it just makes me feel good, replacing my afternoon cup of coffee for a natural energy bump, while adding a layer of much needed mental clarity and focus when I’ve got another five hours of work– who doesn’t want that?

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Lifting My Mood When I’m in the Professional Trenches

There’s a lot of good stuff afoot at our company and we’re constantly being pulled into different directions and presented with new opportunities. It’s exciting, but very stressful at times (we’re a start-up). Moreover, I’m high “type-A” and I do a pretty good job of mentally beating myself up if given the opportunity.

Two weeks ago I began drinking Emotional Balance again – once in the morning and again in the afternoon (I’m always testing other formulas, hence the pause): the impact was profound and almost immediate – I felt happy (seriously).

“It’s a happiness formula in powdered form”

And it’s not just me – one of our advisors from the financial services industry attributed Emotional Balance with allowing him to focus on non-work related free reading on a vacation with his family, while another good friend always drinks one before delivering presentations to large crowds. Most importantly, you’ve told us that the formula works (over 20 five star reviews). Ask any acupuncturist or Chinese medicine doctor and they’ll tell you that that these experiences are anything but unique.

Why’d We Name it Emotional Balance?

A little Chinese medicine history: the translation of Xiao Yao San made reference to the “unfettered wandering of Taoists” who were one with nature. Some believe that the expression “go with the flow” derived from this formula, helping evoke a feeling of relaxation and mental calm. From my on-going experience the description is appropriate: both my mind and body feel relaxed and in natural harmony, the perfect formula for emotions that are in balance.

After drinking the formula for about a year ahead of our company’s launch, our team settled on the name Emotional Balance nearly unanimously. My colleague Dr. Eric Karchmer, first introduced to the formula in the late 1980’s in China, approved of the name, and my other partner chef Travis Metzger worked on the apple-cucumber flavor to mask the notoriously nasty flavors of the herbs themselves (Chinese herbs are highly efficacious, but they taste awful). And with that, Emotional Balance was born, literally changing my life forever.

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Not convinced? Call us on 888-228-1066 to talk more about the formula (we’re always happy to chat as we consume a lot of this formula), or try the formula today with a 20% savings by using HAPPY at check out. And fret not about your potential purchase – it’s backed by our “100% Happiness Guarantee.”

Receive 20% Off Your Order with Promo Code "HAPPY"

John G. McGarvey is a co-founder of DAO Labs and a regular contributor to The Way. A frequent visitor to China and Asia for both business and pleasure, he is an avid consumer of Chinese medicine. He can be reached at

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